Geno Smith: I've grown tremendously

In his first season as a pro, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith has shown vast improvement since the start of the year. Find out what the former West Virginia star had to say about his progression during his rookie campaign.

After a grueling four month NFL regular season, Geno Smith's rookie year is about to come to an end as the New York Jets fly down to South Beach and take on the Miami Dolphins who have a very slim chance to make the playoffs.

So as you would expect from Smith he is getting ready to finish up a season where he has learned so much and corrected so many problems since his first snap in early September against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How much do you think Geno has grown up in the life of an NFL quarterback?

"Tremendously, I've grown," said Smith. "Just learning the game, that's an ongoing process and I', just continuing to grow every single day in practice and with the film study and repetition I get in the games, things are starting to slow down for me and I'm able to go out there and play aggressively and use my natural ability."

While he did have a slow start to his final home game against the Cleveland Browns, you saw Smith looking comfortable in the pocket and making the throws he should make. But what has been Geno's biggest adjustment to his game from college to the pros?

"Just playing in an entirely new offense, a new system, all new footwork, everything was new, let alone being a rookie in the NFL. All those things were brand new to me, so just a bunch of things that I had to learn from. And I'm still learning. This process is never going to end and I'm still going to continue to learn and get better every single day."

So now Smith is heading down to Miami to face the Dolphins again and as we all know that was probably his worst game of his rookie season in early December at MetLife Stadium. He was benched before the start of the second half and did that help his mentality to become a better quarterback?

"Personally, I didn't play well at all in that game. I was benched after the first half and it was something I had to learn from. I just think it was a decision (on being benched at the start of the second half) that had to be made and I think overall it just gave me a better perspective of just the way I needed to play."

So Geno now has a chance to make a statement against the Dolphins and try to knock them out of the playoffs as he and Gang Green can end the season with a .500 record and hope to take some momentum in to the new season next year.

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