Rex: At least Patriots won't be on our field

It's no secret that Rex Ryan isn't a huge fan of the New England Patriots and this week he's not hiding the fact that he's relieved his archrival won't be using his team's practice facility during the Super Bowl bye week.

The New York Jets have been out of the running for the Super Bowl for quite some time now. But if it weren't the Jets using their practice field in preparation for the big game in less than two weeks, it would be another AFC team.

The Jets are just happy it isn't the New England Patriots.

"It could be worse," Ryan quipped to the NY Post Monday, "… it could be New England."

The Patriots, as you are already well aware of, lost to the Denver Broncos Sunday in the AFC Championship game. So the Broncos will be using the Jets' facilities prior to the season finale, which will be held in the Jets' home stadium.

"Obviously if it's not us, I want it to be my brother," Ryan said of his twin sibling Rob, defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. "If it's not either one of us, you don't even care.

"But it does put a little sting in you that golly, somebody is using our facilities. That bothers you and it should bother you."

Ryan signed an extension with the Jets last week and is raring to go for Gang Green's 2014 campaign.

"Obviously, this is the team I want to coach," he told the Post. "I don't want to go anywhere else. I've stated that forever."

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