Best and Worst from Super Bowl Media Day

The Jets Beat was live at Super Bowl Media day to take in the best and worst moments from the extravaganza at the Prudential Center.

Newark, N.J.—With over 8,000 fans, nearly 1,000 reporters and dozens of current and former NFL players, coaches and front office staff on hand, Super Bowl Media Day has taken on a life of its own. Both the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos boast some colorful personalities and polarizing players on each roster, so here is our list of the best and worst moments from Media Day 2014.

Sherman's Antics

Never short on words, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was mobbed by reporters who were hoping the outspoken defensive back would provide headline worthy and bulletin board material in advance of Sunday's big matchup. In a wide ranging interview session that covered everything from fashion and politics to celebrity crushes and pregame rituals, Sherman did not disappoint. No. 25 sounded off on "The Legion of Boom," a nicknamed given to Seattle's vaunted secondary and called Peyton Manning's offense the most ‘precise' he has ever watched on film. While Sherman's postgame rant about 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree garnered the majority of the public's attention, the Seahawks playmaker implored the country not to judge his character based off a 30 second sound bite immediately following an emotional win. Unfortunately for Sherman, his actions haven't exactly won over the hearts of most American football fans.

Peyton being Peyton

Don't count on Manning to say anything out of the ordinary as his interview session was basically taken out of the "How to Handle the NFL Media" handbook. The Broncos gunslinger dodged questions about his legacy and matching his younger brother Eli's two Super Bowl titles. Manning kept things in perspective and informed reporters that Eli is handling all ticket requests on his behalf, so No. 18 can just focus on the game at hand. With freezing temperatures expected to be in the forecast Sunday, Manning deflected questions about his inability to perform in frigid conditions during prior playoff runs.

Lynch dealing with the media not a cinch

The bruising running back hasn't exactly hidden the fact that he's not a fan of interviews or the NFL media in general for that matter. So when Lynch left media day just six minutes into his sit down session, no one was shocked. Reports surfaced that Lynch could be fined by the league for not fulfilling the requirements of the mandatory media policy, but an NFL spokesperson told ESPN that no fines were expected to fly his way. Evidentially Lynch likes to let his play do the talking as the man of few words has shied away from the cameras and voice recorders on the world's biggest stage. Don't let that fool you as Seattle burly back may very well hold the fate of his team on his powerful shoulders at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Adams NJ Homecoming

A Garden State Native, Broncos safety Mike Adams initially told reporters that if Denver hoists the Lombardi Trophy, he would walk in full gameday gear back to his hometown of Paterson from MetLife Stadium. Pressed by reporters on Tuesday, Adams admitted that he may need to rethink his postgame celebration and change out of cleats and bundle up for the 12 mile trek. As he prepares for the biggest game of his NFL career, Adams' childhood memories are just a hop, skip away from the Meadowlands.

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