Should he stay or go: Darrin Walls

Darrin Walls hasn't exactly had the easiest path to the NFL but now that the New York Jets are in the position to resign him the question becomes, should they?

The frenzy of free agency initially kicks off with the evaluation of team needs, and what players are worth bringing back on-board for another season. That worth has to be equated through a combination of the previous season's success and the stage of the player's development.

Darrin Walls proved in his limited amount of snaps that he is a very talented cornerback, which is why it would be in the Jets' best interest to re-sign the cornerback. Last season he played on 292 snaps and graded out -1.6 rating in pro football focus' analysis. He was victim of getting targeted time and time again in the Jets loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8 of the regular season.

That doesn't tell the whole story, though. Walls played fantastically in the preseason, especially in the Jets game against the New York Giants and seemed to consistently show an ability to make plays on the ball.

Walls, a third year cornerback out of Notre Dame, went undrafted in the 2011 draft but ended up on the Jets roster in the middle of the 2012 season. He played sparingly last season and was brought back by management for the 2013 season.

His totals for the season weren't awe inspiring but they didn't paint an accurate picture of the production he provided the secondary. He had 20 total tackles and four pass deflections, his best season of his career.

Walls is now a restricted free agent, which means that any team has the right to offer him a contract but the Jets have the ability to match any offer after five days. This means that the Jets have a lot of the say, and with an excess of salary cap available it looks like the move would be a smart one with the possibility of Antonio Cromartie being released.

Depth is the biggest concern at cornerback and the Jets could use a possible starter if they end up choosing to part ways with Cromartie. Regardless, it would prove beneficial to have the young speedster on the team for his ability to provide youthful talent and balance.

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