Good Move, Bad Move: Kirk Cousins

Acquiring the Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins could spell the end of Geno Smith's starting days in New York, writes The Jets Beat's Daniel Feuerstein.

As we are in the NFL offseason right now we all know that there are many questions the New York Jets have to answer during the free agent period to improve the offensive firepower. But as we all know that every position outside of running back needs to improve, what about the quarterback position?

While we have already said many times that it looks like Geno Smith is going to get a solid chance at a second season to remain the signal-caller on offense, what would happen if a certain quarterback with a few good years already under his belt could be available and picked up by John Idzik?

The question has popped up over in our Nation's Capital since Kirk Cousins spelled Robert Griffin when he was injured for at the start of last season. Could the Jets go another route to bring in someone who already has NFL experience and a little bit more than No. 7 after a rookie season?

While I believe Smith does deserve some respect from the front office and the coaching staff, the truth of the matter is that if Cousins is acquired in some form of a trade, then expect Smith to remain the backup for the foreseeable future. This type of move would signal that Cousins is the No. 1 quarterback for the Jets and he wouldn't be gone any time soon.

This is where Idzik and Rex Ryan need to get together and discuss what they seriously need to do when upgrading all the positions on offense and bring over Marty Mornhinweg to get his input as well. As much as I like what I have seen from Smith and I also believe he can improve his abilities as a signal caller as long as the General Manager can help him improve the weapons he was severely lacking last season.

There are many things that are in play right now in the offseason and it's not just those who are available during the free agent period, it's also those college players who are available for the NFL Draft this May and those college scouts doing their homework to help the Jets improve for the next season or two and challenge not just for a divisional title, but get to the Super Bowl as well.

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