Mike Francesa mocks Jets for celebrating 8-8

The New York Jets were called a "glorified expansion team" heading into the 2013 regular season. After finishing the season at 8-8, the Jets were one of the most surprising team's across the NFL, but WFAN radio host Mike Francesa wasn't exactly impressed by their performance.

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But to be perfectly honest I was perturbed great move by the No. 1 Jets hater in WFAN's Mike Francesa who keeps trying to pick fights against the Jets no matter how trivial the topic may be. He tries to make the team's problems much bigger than they actually are for no reason just to make a point to single them out.

WFAN has put up his intro monologue on YouTube as they try to make a celebration of the players hearing about Rex Ryan coming back. Simulcast on YES Network, Francesa pokes fun that the Jets were celebrating having an 8-8 record at the end of the 2013 regular season.

Ever since the New York Jets left WFAN and when Rex Ryan was hired as the Head Coach of this team, all Francesa has done is direct vitriol and criticism against Gang Green. As he continues to exemplify a clear bias against the the Jets, he's much kind to the team that shares MetLife Stadium with the Jets.

At the same time he continues to make this Gang Green his personal whipping mule. Does he really think the Jets' players were celebrating after a season filled with so much inconsistency? Is the real reason for this celebration?

He must have forgotten about the story that popped up before the final two weeks of the regular season that Rex Ryan was reportedly going to be fired. Francesa accuses Ryan of using the players' emotion for his own personal gain and to get his own job safe. Francesa has been a broadcasting icon in the Sports Radio business and he is very knowledgeable in almost every sport that is played across the country. I know that if I'm going to go head to head with him that I would lose every battle. But sadly he has taken this too personal and has made a fool of himself on picking small battles for no reason. It's time for Francesa to stop being a bully behind the microphone and to quit mocking the New York Jets.

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