Good Move, Bad Move: Jimmy Graham

During the 2013 NFL draft, GM John Idzik sent the Jets fourth round draft pick in exchange for seldom used but talented running back Chris Ivory. With draft day fast approaching, could Idzik have another trick up his sleeve and swing a deal for another star player from the Big Easy?

As the offseason keeps on rolling and the amount of rumors gets thrown about who the New York Jets should acquire either in free agency or the upcoming NFL draft, there is something brewing down in the big easy that could be on the radar of GM John Idzik, if he wishes to make the move.

As many of you know that New Orleans Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham wants to accept a franchise tag from his current side, but his argument is that he should be tagged as a wide receiver where he would make a bit more money as well as in his mind that he is a wide receiver.

At the moment Graham has contested the franchise tight end tag and maybe something could happen if the New York Jets do make a move to bring the tall and athletic player to MetLife Stadium. Rumors right now are being bantered about where the Jets could offer the Saints a good package for Graham.

The chatter around the water cooler is that the Jets could offer the Saints two First Round picks in this year's draft and next year's (2014 1st round pick No. 18 and 2015 1st round) to bring Graham over to Gang Green. While this would be a shrewd move by Idzik the question is will this move take place before the draft, during it, or not at all.

We all know that the Jets need a lot of help on the offensive side of the ball from the wide receivers, to the offensive line as well as the tight end, but to get a player like Graham to help Geno Smith have a big target and move the chains would be a big coo for the Jets in the AFC East.

But let's hope the right moves are made to bring in the right players in free agency as well as this draft class coming to the NFL this May, because this is going to be one draft the John Idzik will be remembered for either as quality or as a failure depending on who he picks.

But you can't help but think in the back of your mind that having Graham on the field for the Jets would help them with those big battles against those Eastern Division opponents like the Patriots, Bills and Dolphins. That big body that devours footballs for first downs and positions himself in the end zone for touchdowns.

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