Price tag on Jimmy Graham too steep for Jets

With New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham getting the first round franchise tender, is the price too steep for Gang Green to try and swing a blockbuster deal?

The New Orleans Saints have slapped the franchise tag on tight end Jimmy Graham. ESPN's Chris Mortonsen tweeted that any team can sign Graham for two first round draft picks or the Saints can match any offer.

This of course created a frenzy Saturday morning among Jets fans and started a debate as to whether New York should consider traded for probably the best tight end in football.

I'll admit that at first glance I thought this was appealing. In fact, I even tweeted it. Now that I've had time to let this idea brew, I've learned two things:

1. Never tweet from the parking lot of K-mart while you wait for your wife and kids to get done from shopping with an empty stomach.

2. I think that No. 1 picks are a valuable thing and shouldn't be given away haphazardly. The Jets did get Sheldon Richardson from the Buccaneers in a trade for Darrelle Revis who was probably on his way out anyway.

Graham is a game changer. Call him a wide receiver or a tight end, but that doesn't change the fact that he can make any quarterback look very good. I'm not saying that Drew Brees is the player he is because of Graham, I'm saying that the burly tight end could make a quarterback like Geno Smith settle in and get so much better his second year in the NFL. But… is he worth giving up two picks?

My answer no. I would love to have a player like Graham, but not for the cost of two draft picks. It's too steep!

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