Quigley exchanges jersey number for donation

Michael Vick made it official that he will wear No.1 next season. This came earlier in the week when punter Ryan Quigley and newly acquired quarterback Michael Vick came to an agreement during offseason workouts. Vick will wear No.1 in '14 in exchange for a $10,000 donation to two charities.

It appears that there is a conclusion to the Michael Vick jersey drama, as the former Philadelphia Eagle has finally found a new number.

Vick, who wore No.7 for his entire career, did not attempt to persuade Geno Smith into giving the veteran his number. However, after changing numbers from eight to one, it appears that punter Ryan Quigley has accepted the jersey change.

The two discussed the terms of the jersey number while participating in the offseason workouts this past week. However, Quigley did not give up his jersey to the newly acquired quarterback very easily.

The punter requested that Vick donate $10,000 in exchange for the No.1 jersey, and the quarterback simply agreed.

It is expected that Vick will donate the money to the Teen Angel charity of Quigley's hometown of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Teen Angel is a non-profit group that assists homeless North Myrtle Beach High School Students by providing schoolbooks and school supplies. Also, the charity provides these students with personal care products, as well as transportation to doctors' appointments.

Vick is also expected to make a charitable donation to the Boys and Girls Club of New York, as part of the deal. This non-profit organization also helps underprivileged children, but in the New York area.

If Vick does not change his number again this offseason, he will be the first Jets quarterback to wear No.1. Also, he will be one of the only few quarterbacks in league history to wear this jersey, joining NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon.

It is rare to see a transaction like this happen in the NFL for a jersey number. Usually, the players exchange number for cash in hand and both walk away happy. However, this unusual way will benefit both Vick and the young children that are underprivileged in North Myrtle Beach and New York.

As for Quigley, it is unsure what number he will choose to replace his former No.1 jersey.

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