Calvin Pryor: I have the complete package

The New York Jets wanted to add an intimidating presence into their secondary and they did exactly that by drafting former Louisville Safety Calvin Pryor with the No. 18 overall selection on Thursday night.

After a good season for Rex Ryan and John Idzik in the 2013 campaign, these men knew that there was hard work to get ready to replenish a football team that has lost some good players and needed to rebuild a secondary that was missing some solid cornerbacks.

So while many were saying that the Jets had to go offensive in the first round of the 2014 draft, they decided to pick up a solid secondary player in Safety Calvin Pryor that stunned the crowd at Radio City Music Hall, but to be honest it was a solid pick because it's unclear whether Ed Reed is coming back for a full season.

If you saw the highlight reel on NFL Network of Pryor's hits, it becomes immediately evident that he hits very hard, but he doesn't lead with his helmet which is also a great thing about this new addition to the Jets defense. But what made this new acquisition to the Jets become a solid pick for Ryan and Idzik?

"I'm very confident in my ability, first and foremost," noted Pryor. "I feel like I have the complete package as a safety. Most people know me as a hard-hitting safety because I had a few hard hits in college. But when you watch my film, you see that playmaking ability that jumps out at you, a guy that's flying around and has passion for the game."

But the big question is, has he seen enough from the Jets that Pryor thinks he can be an asset to the team?

"I've had a chance to watch the Jets play over the years," said Pryor. " (Former Louisville) Coach (Charlie) Strong is really good friends with Coach Ryan so he told me a lot about him when I told him I had a visit with the Jets."

The one thing that we all know about Ryan when it comes to his players is that he allows them to be their own person and he will allow you to learn from your mistakes. We've seen and heard the emotion that comes out of him when he talks about his players doing well for the Jets and right now it sounds like Pryor is in a good place with the Green and White.

At the end of the Draft we all know the Jets have made some solid picks and filled their needs to get stockpile young wide receivers, a tight end and cornerbacks to stack the depth chart. Now we need to see if everything can come together with OTA's just around the corner.

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