Rex Ryan is 'Biggest Bandwagon' Fan

Rex Ryan never fails to entertain the media during his press conferences. See why the sixth year head coach calls himself the biggest bandwagon fan.

Yesterday after the New York Jets OTA session, Rex Ryan spoke to the media on a wide variety of topics. Starting with the CMT Awards, the NHL, and even a little football, Rex covered it all. The hottest topic around New York isn't football, its hockey. As hockey fans may know, the New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Finals this week and the series against the Los Angeles Kings is underway.

Ryan was one of the millions of hockey fans watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

"I'll be in front of my TV watching," said Ryan. "And I know somebody said "Rex wait a second now, you're a Devils fan?" Yup. "Ranger fan?" Yup. "Toronto Maple Leafs fan?" Yup. Whatever fan, yup. I am going to drop the first puck with a Billy Smith jersey on, a throw back. I was at a Hurricanes game as everybody knows, and they gave me that jersey. It was a little tight at the time, but it might fit now though, it might fit now (joking). But that's what I am, do I like the Mets and the Yankees, absolutely. Biggest bandwagon, I get it, yes that's me."

The Jets' head man claims that he roots for all New York sports teams because he would love for the other teams to pull for the Jets when the time comes

The sixth year head coach also stated that he was a New York Mets, New York Yankees, and New York Giants fan. However, when it comes to the G-Men, Ryan puts his brother Rob's team ahead of them all.

"Giants yes. Unless they're playing the Saints, (I) can't stand them," admitted Ryan. "I know the way it is here. I want their teams to support us, darn right I'm going to support them."

All joking aside, Ryan got back to talking about football and the Jets. One of his biggest topics was about the defense, like always. However, he did mention Michael Vick at one point.

"Mike Vick came up (to me), he had an interesting observation. He goes, "You know Coach, wow. Playing against this defense, man it is hard to read those coverages." I'm like, ‘It's hard for me to read them too," joked Ryan.

The veteran was brought on as a backup to second year quarterback Geno Smith. He was also signed to push the second year quarterback, hoping to get the best out of him. Serving as an expensive insurance policy, there has been some buzz around him regarding a quarterback competition. However, the competition talks were not brought up in Ryan's post-OTA session press conference.

Ryan's defensive scheme is one of the hardest to grasp in football. There are players always moving and the coverages are always disguised. If it was hard for the seasoned veteran to get a read on the defense, imagine what the younger quarterbacks feel come Sundays.

Vick also received a lot of praise from his new head coach, as Ryan addressed his character and his leadership skills.

"You heard about the kind of teammate he was, how he is a very positive person and we always talk about compete and push at the same time and that's what he does," Ryan said. "He has been great."

It sounds pretty clear that Vick has meshed well within the locker room and on the field with his teammates. From the reports of a young fullback calling him "sir" in the huddle, to balancing the competition and mentoring role on the team, Vick can do it all. One thing that has Ryan very impressed about is Vick's "God-given talent."

"From a physical standpoint," said Ryan, "he can spin it. And good luck trying to run him down."

We are a long way away from the start of the season but coach Ryan always finds a way to entertain the media during press conferences.

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