Ryan wants Milliner in 'world class shape'

After tweaking his hamstring during OTAs, New York Jets second year cornerback Dee Milliner is catching flack from head coach Rex Ryan who insists his top defensive back needs to be in tip top shape in time for training camp.

Rex Ryan minced a few words when discussing the "impressive" Dee Milliner. The New York Jets' Head Coach believes the cornerback has impressed his teammates and helped his cause through his strong showing at the end of last season. "And we saw as the year went on last year he got better," Ryan said. New York's head man did stress that although Milliner's talent level is not in question, the CB needs to continue working "on the practice field and in the classroom."

The 2013 No. 9 overall pick pleased his coaches with the hustle he exhibited on the practice field which cause him a hamstring injury ultimately notifying the team's training staff about his discomfort. At the same time, however, Coach Ryan wants Dee to focus on his conditioning. "We've got to get him and he has to understand that he has to be in extraordinary shape," stated Ryan. "His challenge will be, be in world class shape. Because we've got to have you out there."

Milliner will undoubtedly be thrilled to hear his coach's urgency in wanting the player on the field and can use this as added motivation to stay healthy. Milliner's athleticism, versatility, and potential are not in question, what is of primary concern with the Jets' front office and sideline management will be the potential star's ability to get and stay healthy.

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