Decker: Geno Smith taking a 'leadership role'

In only his first few weeks as a New York Jets, wide receiver Eric Decker is digging his new surroundings. The prized free agent wide receiver offered high praise for his new teammates, specifically second year quarterback Geno Smith.

Eric Decker becomes the newest addition of the New York Jets that comes with a high profile and media buzz. From Brett Favre to LaDainian Tomlinson, the Jets have always had an added intrigue by signing players that are sure to put fans in the stands. However, unlike LT or Favre, Decker is right in the prime of his career and his A-List celebrity status doesn't come from playing football, not that he isn't a great player, but his wife is just as successful as he is.

Famously known for being married to Country singing star Jessie James, the couple has even become hit reality stars on the E! Network. With two highly successful people together, it makes perfect sense to come to New York as the opportunity for Jessie as well as Eric for advertising and sponsorship is at it's biggest in New York.

Decker seems delighted to have a chance to shine in New York, but also a lot of pressure around him as the team is sorely lacking a No. 1 option in the passing game. Coming off a 1,000 yard season, Decker looks to translate his success here in New York.

"Change and stuff takes time, but it's been a good transition for me," noted Decker. "(We're on) week, I guess, eight almost now as far as the offseason program and every day I feel more comfortable, getting a better grasp of the system. It's always easier when you get more reps, more experience with it." At 6-foot-3 Decker was born for the red zone and even if he can't put up the same yardage that he attained with Peyton Manning, he looks to maintain putting up 7 for his club.

"I feel good with what we're doing and all the guys have been tremendous," said Eric on joining the Jets. "It's a great locker room and I'm happy to be here. They really took me in – that's a big part of it."

As in 2011, Decker emerged as the go-to guy in the red-zone, putting up eight touchdowns with Tim Tebow at Quarterback. If there's one thing we can expect, we can see Decker's red-zone prowess continue, and this will hopefully take a lot of pressure of of Geno Smith, who struggled mightily in the red-zone this past season. "I didn't get to see him as a person grow last year, but this offseason he's taken that leadership role and he's a very mature kid at the age he's at," stated Decker. "We're all out there busting our butts and he's a guy that's leading the charge. I think he's done a good job of getting guys on the same page (and) making sure we're coming to work and we're motivated every day."

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