Mike Pettine throws Rex Ryan under the bus

It appears Rex Ryan's relationship with Mike Pettine has been irrevocably damaged after the most recent Jets-Patriots "PlaybookGate" Fiasco.

Has the alarm been sounded already? Should we start panicking about a breach in the camp? Is this another curious move made by Rex Ryan that somehow got into the hands of our biggest rival from within the division?

According to reports throughout the NFL media, the Jets' defensive playbook may have gotten into the hands of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

According to New York's linebacker Chris Smith, Brady was making a joke about it during the wedding of his former teammate Wes Welker and former Jets defensive coordinator and current Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine has already blabbed that Ryan is handing out his playbook pages to any coach like it was candy.

Former Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff was on the Michael Kay show on ESPN Radio NY that this week and noted that this scenarios ‘is not a big deal', but it's clear that Pettine has a big mouth and he's not shy about throwing Ryan under the bus.

The truth is that Westhoff is a voice of reason, but Ryan certainly didn't appreciate that Pettine thinks he can say whatever he wants and he thinks he can get away with it. The Jets may not be playing the Browns this season, but when that day comes, Ryan will be looking to put a big beat down on Pettine's team burry Johnny Football into the ground.

This situation is unprofessional and at the same time Pettine hasn't proved that he knows how to be a head coach in the NFL. If he was indeed the one that leaked all those stories to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News during the 2012 season, then Jets fans understandably consider him a traitor.

Rex Ryan gave him this opportunity to help run this Jets defense and gave him his blessing to run the defense up in. Pettine didn't draft the talent the Cleveland Browns picked up this past May, he's just barking orders at the practice facility.

Whatever has irked Pettine, he evidently has some bitter feelings toward Ryan and he went from Jet friend to foe after this latest playbook fiasco.

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