Geno Smith not a fan of rookie trash talking

Geno Smith has evolved into a leader this offseason and has sharpened his tools in preparation for this summer's quarterback battle. New York's second year signal-caller threw two interceptions in minicamp on Friday, including one to the Jets' trash talking Safety Calvin Pryor. After practice, Smith was asked about Pryor's chatter on and off the field and the seasoned quarterback toned him down.

It was a tough day on the field yesterday for Geno Smith, throwing two interceptions at minicamp, including one by the hands of first round selection Calvin Pryor. The Jets' second year quarterback hopes to flip his turnover ratio over this year after having almost twice as many turnovers as touchdowns in his rookie campaign. Luckily, this is only practice and rookie safety Calvin Pryor is on his team. Pryor's interception was the result of a tipped pass by Dee Milliner. The former Louisville star is known for his bone crushing hits, but his ball hawking skills are just as noticeable. One aspect of his game that stands out the most among all of his other skills is his ability to trash talk. After practice yesterday, Smith was asked about how he felt about throwing two interceptions, simply replying that "its practice" and "it happens." However, when asked about his new teammate Pryor and his trash talking, the second year quarterback was not so mum.

"I don't think he's really earned that right to talk amongst this locker room," Smith said in regards to Pryor's trash talking on and off the field. "I think he knows his place, he knows his role and the more and more he gets comfortable I think you'll hear him talking a little bit more."

Despite the on and off field chatter, Smith called Pryor "humble" and "mature" later in the media session. Also, just as the fans and coaches are excited to see the rookie showcase his hard hitting ability on Sunday's, Smith says that he is "waiting" to see Pryor put on a show.

"He's got a ton of skill out there on the field. I'm waiting to see him put pads on because we all know he's a big hitter," said Smith of the rookie Safety.

The Green and White are hoping that selecting Pryor in the first round will help solidify the questionable secondary. Although the Louisville Slugger has a great collegiate career, it's still unclear if it will translate to great success in the NFL. However, Smith thinks that Pryor can be a star in the league, as long as he listens and absorbs all of the knowledge from the veterans on this New York team.

"As long as he continues to follow his coaching, follow the leadership of guys like Dave (Harris) and Calvin (Pace) – all those veteran guys, I think he has a bright future here," noted Smtih.

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