Jets Rookie Prediction: Dexter McDougle

Hand-picked by General Manager John Idzik, former Maryland cornerback Dexter McDougle could be a Jets' sleeper pick if he's fully healthy following last year's shoulder surgery.

Dexter McDougle finally signed his rookie contract with the Jets and he is ready to go to try and make the team and make some noise in 2014.

Assuming the former Maryland standout makes the opening day roster, what type of numbers do you think he can obtain during this season? Well let's predict what he can do with the 2014 Jets. At the moment McDougle has the chance to be a third down corner and possibly could have a solid first year campaign.

Many critics will point towards his surgically repaired right shoulder as an impediment to knocking down pass or if he does pick it off it could be ripped out of his hands with low strength.

General Manager John Idzik believes that the young kid can definitely produce the goods and is fully capable of showing what he did during his first three years in Maryland before the injury happened. Expect McDougle to tally one to two knockdowns per game with at least two interceptions while being used as a third down corner.

The truth is that at the moment this kid is a question mark because of that injury he suffered in his senior year of college football. He has tons of potential and there is nothing wrong with seeing his future being bright, but many quarterbacks in this league including facing Tom Brady twice, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger, it can be a bit of a challenge when they throw that ball true.

He won't be used all game long as a rookie, but I believe that Rex Ryan is salivating with what McDougle can do. That is always the upside to any solid college football player when they are coming to the NFL Draft and want to prove their new coaches that they are able to the task. McDougle has a double mission right now.

He needs to prove he can play in the professional level, he's able to get over his shoulder injury in the mentality department and he also needs to put the fear into the opponents of the Jets each and every year that they don't want to go to McDougle Island and get embarrassed.

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