Jets sign Jason Babin to a two-year deal

The New York Jets announced early on Wednesday that they agreed to a two-year contract with 34-year-old defensive end Jason Babin.

Just when you thought the Jets defense can’t get any better with that big time front seven facing opponents in the 2014 season, it just got a lot better and a lot more fearsome. John Idzik signs former Jacksonville Jaguars pass rusher Jason Babin to a two year deal with the second year being a team option.

What this signing means is that the Jets will have a three or a four headed monster rushing the quarterback and now offensive coordinators are going to have to start scheming a lot better when they are facing the Jets this season.

It’s not just Calvin Pace or the future of the defense in Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson that they are going to attack the quarterback, now with Babin on board we shall see what a real pass rush will look like from a Rex Ryan Defense that has been talked about so much from his days in Baltimore.

These pieces just keep on coming to Gang Green on the defensive side of the ball that might cover up some of the weaknesses that the Jets are having, but with a 7.5 QB Sacks and 13 pressures last season for the Jaguars, adding a veteran like this is huge for the future of the Jets who has 62 career QB sacks.

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