Jets play it safe with Pryor's head injury

Rookie safety Calvin Pryor received a rude welcome to the NFL after he suffered a helmet-to-helmet hit that sidelined him for the remainder of Friday's practice.

We all know how big drafting a top prospect is to the New York Jets defensive scheme and of course you have to be cautious when you get a big time injury that could knock a top play out for the entire season. When you have a bit of a scare on the practice field during training camp the right precautions need to be taken.

On the third day of training camp up in Cortland, NY the Jets first round draft pick of this year’s draft Calvin Pryor had that scare and the Jets did the right thing by removing him from field as it appears that the young safety suffered a head-to-head collision that forced him out during special teams drills.

“It was actually a punt protection thing, he was personal protector” said Rex Ryan. “He came in there and then had a good collision. It’s not like you can say he got dinged. Dinged now means be cautious and do what’s in the best interest of the young man.”

The Jets' head man understands the NFL concussion protocols have been put into place to save players' careers.

“The new protocol is that if we know there’s a concussion, you guys will know about it immediately and things like that, so don’t think we’re covering something up," noted Ryan. We don’t know that as of right now. We don’t know if it’s a concussion or not. But it was a head injury and obviously when those things happen, you’re always going to just side on being cautious. So that’s what we’re doing.” ,p>At the moment it’s a scary thing to see a solid young player getting his bell rung during a special teams drill and at least the Jets are concerned about Pryor’s health, because they can't afford for him miss significant time due to concussion-like symptoms. Or if he’s standing still and his marker goes past him, which will be a bigger problem as the coaching staff could be in trouble with the players association and the league.

Clearly Pryor is not accustomed to the speed of the NFL game, which is to be expected because this is his rookie season. The main hope here is that the former Louisville standout gets back to work with no issues and he doesn’t try to rush back or the Jets don’t rush him back. It looks they are taking the right steps.

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