Vick finds 'lifelong friend' in CJ2K

Michael Vick and Chris Johnson may be life-long friends after Jets training camp, but there’s no bond strong enough to convince Vick to challenge the speedy running back to a foot race.

Coming into the 2014 season, Chris Johnson and Michael Vick had met on a handful of occasions, but after the two became roommates this offseason, Vick said he thinks the two could be friends past their time with the New York Jets.

“Chris is a great guy,” he told reporters on Saturday. “I just met him. I met him on occasions in the past, but to have an opportunity to spend time with him over the last three or four months to get to know him, he’s a character. You’ve got to get to know him. I’m finding out a lot about him every day and it’s been a pleasure rooming with him. I think this is probably going to be a friendship that’s going to extend for a lifetime.”

Vick says he’s had a much different experience in the last few days with Johnson as his roommate than what he expected.

“We’ve laughed more in the last 36 hours than you would ever believe,” he said, “and Chris doesn’t come across as that type of guy.”

It’s hard to see if Johnson has a great sense of humor from interviews, but Vick says that the newly signed running back has a sense of humor that most don’t get to see.

“He has a great sense of humor,” he said. “Not dry humor like I have. He has a great sense of humor. Like I said, you’ve got to get to know him.”

And even though the two have already grown close through training camp, the competitive side still comes out – especially when it comes to speed. Though Vick is less optimistic about beating Johnson than many would think.

“Honestly who do you think would win in a race between me and Chris Johnson?” Vick asked. “For real. All jokes aide, who do you think will win? It won’t hurt my feelings if you say Chris. Yeah, I mean, Chris Johnson, I’m not racing Chris. Wasn’t he on TV racing a cheetah or something a couple of months ago? Yeah, no I’m not doing that.”

Vick did say he would be up for racing another top running back. But Chris Johnson? That’s still not happening.

“I’m not racing that guy,” he said.” I’m not racing that guy. LeSean McCoy, I’ll race him again. Not Chris Johnson.

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