Babin: 'Big learning curve' in a new scheme

In his first few days as a New York Jet, veteran defensive end Jason Babin told reporters it will take some time to carve out his role with Gang Green and develop a comfort level in Rex Ryan's exotic defensive schemes.

They say old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Of course, this cliche isn’t true, but it has been difficult for feared veteran pass rusher Jason Babin, who says it is certainly not easy.

“You know, there is a big learning curve. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be, but that’s to be expected.”

The biggest challenge Babin acknowledges is the lack of routine in his new role.

“Without actually playing in it, I would say the expectation, not knowing what could come from week to week,” noted the newly signed defensive end. “(They) say, “Alright Jason, this is how you’re going to work this week. Alright this is where I’m going to use you now. Oh let’s do this.” I knew Rex somewhat before coming here and his personality, his personas, so I am just excited I get to be around it.”

Though Babin says he is fully confident in his ability to adapt and adjust.

“I had a lot of work early in my career standing up, so whatever is needed from me, we will get it done.

While the learning curve is steep, and his role largely undefined, Babin recognizes this defense is very stingy wherever he plays.

“Oh, it’s amazing, there’s guys out there that I get to play next to and on the field with them,” noted the 34-year-old veteran.

Training camp is a time to explore and analyze goals/expectations. For Babin, the goals are simple: learn, react and improve.

“I think you have goals that are personal, and you have goals that are public, admitted Babin. “Often times it’s a fine line what you decide, or what category you decide to put your goals in. For me right now my only focus is to learn this defense and just to get better every day.”

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