Demario Davis strives for elite status

With an emphasis on creating more turnovers, New York Jets linebacker Demario Davis has taken his coaching staff's message to heart and is looking to rally teammates to play a more aggressive style of defense.

For all the success the Jets enjoyed with their vaunted front seven last season, the Jets ranked No. 28 in forced fumbles. That statistic is being addressed early and often this training camp and linebacker DeMario Davis says he is already seeing an improvement.

“That’s what our coach asks of us,” said Davis. “We have to be able to give him more turnovers. Coaches tell you how to win, it’s on the players to go out and execute. Rex (Ryan) made a huge point that we have to be able to get more turnovers. I think that’s kind of what separated the best defense in the league from the 11th defense in the league or whatever we were. It’s a matter of being able to create turnovers. We know as a team we have to be able to protect the ball, and on defense we have to create turnovers. Our part is to go out there and create those turnovers.”

Simply put, Davis says it is a work in progress, but the number of turnovers caused by the defense will go a long way in determining it’s success.

“Excellence is our goal,” noted Davis. “We want to be the best, so we have to keep working hard. We have to put in the work every day. Today was a huge step in the right direction. I was very excited about our defense and the way we came out today, but we still have a long way to go.”

While it was only one day in a slew of training days leading up to the start of the regular season, Davis did not understate the importance of the practice.

“It was a very big day for the defense,” noted the Jets’ linebacker. “It was a good day, a step in the right direction, which is really what we’re trying to stack up. Anybody who makes a big play is going to bring electricity to their unit. Our goal is to create those turnovers because we’re a confident defense, but big plays breeds more confidence and that’s what we have to have. I think that’s why coach put a big emphasis on turnovers and today was a day that we actually came out there and did that. We have to be able to do the same thing tomorrow, we can’t say okay we had a great day and just act like everything is all good. We have to put that work in and replicate that tomorrow and if we don’t that success might have been just smoke.”

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