Jets front seven stuck in preseason form

Notorious for wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks, the Jets' front seven wasn't exactly in mid-season form on Thursday night.

So the New York Jets preseason got underway with Gang Green taking on the Indianapolis Colts. The hype of last season’s defense was palpable and you would think that the hunger to get it right would be there.

In Andrew Luck’s only series of the contest, the Jets got off to a good start in the first two plays as the tackled wide receiver T.Y. Hilton in the backfield followed by a nice swat by cornerback Dee Milliner as he looks to silence his critics. The Colts torched the Jets front seven on their opening drive as they saw some holes that they took advantage of.

Luck had all the time in the world to hand the ball off or to throw the ball and get his receivers. David Harris especially looked a bit slow and sloppy on certain plays as he got burned twice on the far side of the field.

Play after play Luck and the Colts were taking advantage of everything the Jets threw at them and the Colts offensive line did a great job of holding back the Jets attempts to blitz Luck, but the only play where the Jets actually got Indianapolis’ signal-caller was basically the backup center muffed the snap and surprised his quarterback snapped it high and into the quarterback’s helmet on 3rd-and-Goal.

Other than some early struggles there were some positive results as the front seven did stop some runs and didn’t allow Trent Richardson to run wild on them, but as Sheldon Richardson said to the sideline reporter, he felt he could’ve done better out there then what was seen.

While Rex Ryan had most of his starters in the full first half, the Jets had to work out the cobwebs as it was their very first game hitting each other in pads since last year. There will always be a lot of improvement going on after a game like this, but the truth is they are correctable and it’s only the first game of the preseason.

So Jets fans have no reason to panic as the first action of the 2014 NFL season is already in the books and should expect to see some improvement in Week 2 at Cincinnati.

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