The Jets Beat Practice Report: 8/11

The Jets Beat's Andrew Acampora provides his report on what's happening around Jets' training camp live from SUNY Cortland.


Greg Salas was the star at practice today and caught everything in his sight. Salas ssed his body control to make some really tough catches with Dowling playing pretty tough defense on him. It looks like he got a lot stronger as well, but he’s definitely more than a slot guy. The most impressive kid at camp, and I'd like to see him start opposite Decker with Kerley in the slot. Has good wheels for a big kid as well.

Jacoby Ford is the real deal. He's a missile man. Ford was flying around the field, and caught everything thrown his way. He took a punt return to the house. Displayed very good hands.

Jalen Saunders can ball. Extremely small and gets thrown around when pressed, but in drills he was standing out the way he was breaking out of his cuts. Saunders can definitely do damage with his burst.

Antonio Allen was spectacular for a playing cornerback. I’ve always liked his playmaking ability, and you can see he has a knack for turning his head in time. I can't really tell if it was at corner or a 3rd safety look. Regardless this kid is the real deal and was all over the field.

Ras I Dowling has a great combination of size and physicality. When they put Clyde Gates or Campbell on him, Dowling was swallowing them whole. Salas made an unbelievable grab on him, but regardless Dowling stood out the most out of any corner.

Geno looked pretty solid. Most of his throws were right in their chest. The pass rush was giving him fits at times, but that's expected with the Jets’ defensive line.

Vick looked real good as well. He makes some plays that make you wonder how'd he tie that ball in that seam, and other plays you ask what was he thinking? He's like the Jamal Crawford of the NFL, but regardless he's a great player.

Wildcat with Vick is real. The Jets ran a lot of option plays with Vick tossing the ball to Powell as CJ2K was on a rep limit today. Of note, both Geno and Vick were on the field together. Vick even completed a pass to Geno at one point. The Wildcat is happening with Vick and Geno. Also, a TON of read option plays with Vick.

Quincy Enuwa was pretty impressive as well. He looked very strong with his grabs.

Lankster looked pretty impressive as well today.

Simms looks very sharp. Throws a good ball and looks comfortable out there.

Nelson gets thrown around at times despite his height, but he has golden hands.


Amaro looks like a deer in the headlights out there. You can tell he's REALLY nervous. Stephen Hill is an utter disappointment. I counted three catchable balls that he let slip through his hands as well as a few plays he dogged because he knew he wasn't the first or second option on the route. I was able to tell when he was getting the ball when I saw how hard he ran the route. I think corners can tell as well because I believe two of the interceptions happened when Hill was running the route.

Pryor looks invisible out there.

Wilson got burnt a few times by Ford/Saunders.

Cumberland looks like he knows he has guaranteed money coming the next three years. When Vick was in trouble Cumberland almost cost Vick an interception by failing to come inside.

My biggest negative was what plays were run in the practice. Only two or three plays were going vertical down the field. There were a lot of crossing routes, screens, and ground and pound. At times last year we looked like we were limiting the playbook, and even in the first preseason game I was disappointed with our lack of stretching the field.

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