Jets have more than "marginal" receivers

FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Last season the Jets didn’t have one wide receiver on their team catch more than 50 passes. This season they hope to change that statistic.

Yesterday on ESPN Radio Mark Schlereth, a former offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos, ripped into Eric Decker.  Calling him a “Marginal number two receiver at best.”  The man they call "Stink" gave a pretty strong take on a guy who shined for his former team. “Decker in my mind was the fourth option in Denver, It’s not that he’s a bad player, he’s not a bad player he is just a product of that offense,” Schlereth said.

Rex Ryan didn’t hesitate to come to his player’s defense as Ryan told the media, “He (Schlereth) is not 100 percent on his opinions on players, but we will get to see it all on Sunday” Ryan took a subtle shot at Schlereth saying, “He was a great player and he makes some darn good salsa too.”  Ryan thinks Schlereth should stick to the Spanish sauce and let his players let their play do the talking.

The Jets are hoping Schlereth is really wrong about Decker as they brought him in to be their number one receiver.  “What did he have like, 87-90 catches last year? You’ll see him in the forty range, forty-fifty range.” Schlereth told ESPN Radio yesterday.  If Decker only catches 40-50 passes John Idzik will have a lot of explaining to do.

Schlereth went on to say that Decker is essentially a crybaby. “I’m telling you, New York, get ready for him begging for flags and then tripping over his own feet.” With comments like this you would think Schlereth has something personal against Decker. He might just be a little to over the top.

Every wide receiver in the league cries about not getting flags thrown.  Frankly it’s the best receivers in the league that do most of the complaining.  Have you ever seen Dez Bryant play a game or how about Brandon Marshall?  Those two guys are two of the best at their position and complain all the time.  Decker may not be a number one on most teams but for the Jets it’s the best they have and they are going to have to roll with what they’ve got.

Decker came to his own defense after practice when he spoke to the media. “I was told about it and I’m just going to handle my business. I have more things to worry about as far as getting ready for the Oakland Raiders.” Decker took the high road and just shrugged it off.  Some people thought it went a little to far and maybe was going after him personally.  When asked Decker said, “I have done good interviews with him, and nothing that would spark confrontation so that’s all I have to say about that.”

With this latest bit of criticism the Jets top receiver is getting, some are wondering if their wide receivers are going to be an upgrade from last season.  “I feel better about this receiving group than I did last year and it starts with Eric Decker. He’s been terrific here he brings leadership and experience,” Ryan said after practice.  Ryan went on to say. “I also like the improvement of David Nelson and Greg Salas. I’m impressed with this receiver group and this is probably as strong of a group as we have had in some time here.”

The Jets will have to prove it on Sunday as they go up against the Oakland Raiders.  If any this is the best week to get off to a good start as the Jets will have their home opener set to kickoff at 1pm EST. this Sunday.  Only time will tell how Decker and the rest of this receiver group will do this season.  However we don’t have to wait much longer as we are just two days away from the first NFL Sunday of the year.

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