Can The Jets Defense Bounce Back?

This whole offseason the entire feel around the league was that the Jets had enough defense to win games, but maybe not enough offense. Last week was an indication that is not the case. After going up 21-3 in the fist quarter the Jets defense couldn’t hold on to the lead and ended up losing 31-24.

Since Rex Ryan has been the head coach of the Jets it has always been defense first. Last week with the most points the Jets have scored in the first quarter in years the defense couldn’t step up and put that final nail in the coffin. The one drive that killed the defense was right before half time when the Jets let the Packers drive 97 yards for the touchdown which killed any momentum the Jets had going into halftime.

The Jets are going to have to clean up a lot of things on the defensive side of the ball this week as they are going up against another team that can put up points in a hurry. The Chicago Bears might not have a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers but they do have Jay Cutler a gunslinger that can make every throw. The Bears also have a lot of key offensive weapons at their disposal.

Three guys on the Bears that can do some damage to the Jets are Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffery. The two that the Jets should be most worried about are the receivers. The Bears have two big body receivers in Marshall and Jeffery who catch almost everything. The Jets secondary got torched last week by Jordy Nelson who caught nine balls for 209-yards and a touchdown. The Jets secondary is going to have to step up big this week and try to limit Marshall and Jeffery as much as they can.

In a conference call with David Harris shed some light on what the Bears do so well. “Matt (Forte) can do it all, he is a good zone scheme runner that can make people miss, but he can also burn you catching the football.” Harris went on to say that the Jets are going to have to play at a high level against this Bears offense who have so many weapons. Harris also spoke on the receivers the bears have. “(Marshall and Jeffery) are probably the best tandem in the NFL, they are two explosive guys that make plays.”

An interesting wrinkle in this game is Antonio Allen going up against Jeffery. The two played together at South Carolina and are now going to be facing off against each other this Monday night. It will be interesting to see if Allen shadows Jeffery most of the game because Allen has the size to cover him. Rex Ryan was asked if Allen has any insight on Jeffery, since they played together. “I don’t know what exactly (Allen) said but he said something like (Jeffery) is a baller and he right.” Also just the fact that they played together in college could help Allen crack the code to beating Jeffery with on-on-one battles. One thing Ryan said the Jets are going to have to do is get their hands on Jeffery and Marshall so they cannot get off the ball and into their routes.

This Monday night the Jets cannot afford to play like they did last week. One thing that was emphasized in practice this week was finishing. When they have a lead they must be able to finish off a team, they cannot let them hang around. Harris said about last week’s game, “We all know we should have won but we didn’t we came in, watched film, and got better.” The Jets are going to have to be a lot better this week when they will take on the Bears in primetime on ESPN. “Every game you should be excited for but this week it’s Monday night so it is a little more amped up, we get to play at home in front of our great fans so it should be loud,” Harris said.

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