Wilkerson "should be fine" for Sunday

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - For the second straight week the Jets suffered a soul crushing loss, but they appear to have averted total disaster as Muhammad Wilkerson only suffered a knee contusion and should be fine for Sunday.

“I think Mo’s good, guys. It’s not a serious knee injury, looks like a contusion.” Rex Ryan said, “We’ll see how he is, he might miss (practice) tomorrow, but I think he’s going to be fine.”

This is most certainly wonderful news for the Jets and their fans, with the way the last two games unfolded a major injury to Wilkerson might have sent all of Jets Nation diving off the proverbial cliff. Plus a healthy Wilkerson obviously doesn’t hurt the Jets chances of beating the Lions this Sunday.

The Jets defense held up remarkably well overall, only one really bad drive and a few dropped interceptions, against the potent Bears offense and the Lions have a similarly potent offense. In order to repeat that type of performance this week the Jets are going to need a healthy Wilkerson.

As for Dee Milliner Ryan said it was his understanding that Milliner’s, “ankle feels good, it’s just the quad now.” Ryan couldn’t speculate on Milliner’s availability for Sunday saying, “We’ll just have to wait to see how the week progresses but there’s no way to tell right now. We have to get on the practice field first and we’ll see how he does.”

Ryan would obviously like to have a healthy Milliner to face Calvin Johnson and the Lions offense but if Milliner can’t go Ryan will still have confidence in Darrin Walls and Antonio Allen to get the job done.

“I’d really like to tip our hat to our guys, they competed, the fought, they challenged for every reception and I think our guys did a pretty decent job.” Ryan said, “That’s no easy task going against those guys. They got the height advantage on you, the speed advantage on you but our guys keep fighting.

“We gave up the one explosive play and I know we wish we had that one back but we hung in there. Hopefully that ball starts bouncing our way and we start catching some balls. I know Antonio Allen has some of the best hands on our team and we were unable to come down with that interception, I know he felt terrible about it but he played a great game, I thought, for the most part and I really liked the way Walls played as well.”

On the offensive side of the ball the big injury concern involves Eric Decker and his hamstring. Ryan said he doesn’t regret playing Decker last night, “No, I think it’s easy to look back and say ‘well he would have been healthy’ or whatever, but honestly you have a good football player that thinks he can be out there and help you, we wouldn’t put a guy out there if he didn’t think he could protect himself or wasn’t healthy enough to get out there. So, he clearly thought he was and that’s why we played him.”

As for Sunday Ryan again said they’ll just have to see how the week progresses but “hopefully he’ll be ready to go.”

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