As Geno Smith stood in front of his locker addressing the media today he told reporters that the offensive players held a players-only meeting this morning.

“We had a players-only meeting today where myself and a few other guys just expressed our feelings and ways to move forward.” Smith said. “I understand that we’ve got to do a lot better and I’m going to be hard on myself this week and the guys and make sure that some of those things that have been occurring for us don’t happen again.”

There were no airing of grievances or players calling out other players or complaining about touches, play-calls or anything of the sort. The meeting was about taking ownership of their collective mistakes and showing accountability.

Immediately after he shared the news about the meeting Smith realized he needed to make sure it was clear to the media that this wasn’t a meeting about complaining or finger-pointing.

“No grievances. I understand that semantics are a huge thing in this market, but no grievances.” Smith said, “I don’t want you guys to get that misunderstood. No one’s hanging their head around here, no one’s sad, no one’s down on themselves. We’re ready to go out and play.”

Accountability and disappointment. As disappointed as Jet fans are about this three game losing streak the players are far more disappointed. These players genuinely thought they were a playoff team and many of them still, undoubtedly, believe they have that potential which makes this losing streak all the more disappointing.

“The thing that we think (and) we believe, it’s apparent that (what has) been hurting us have been penalties and turnovers.” Smith said, “We feel as though if we correct those things and then execute better in the red zone, we’ll have a lot better shot at scoring more points.

“It comes down to accountability and every man has to be accountable for his actions. Myself, like I said, I spoke to the guys earlier and I told them about just how disappointed I was in myself for the turnovers that we’ve had because I know how hard I’ve worked on straightening those things out and we emphasize that during the week and all week. I’ve just allowed some of those things to happen which I can’t let happen.”

It was a players only meeting, meaning Rex Ryan had nothing to do with it being called nor was he in the meeting but he said it’s always good to hear about players talking about accountability.

“Well anytime you’re talking about accountability I think that’s a big thing that’s a plus,” Ryan said. “I never knew what was said in those meeting or whatever but we just want to find a way to win and I think the effort, like I know what we’re going to get.”

Ryan then continued to make a plea to the fans promising that they are going to give the fans everything they have.

“One thing I’ll promise you that our fans, everybody else, will get is what we have. We will put it out there, we will work our tails off to get better and I believe we will get better,” Ryan said. “I think we have gotten better, it hasn’t resulted in wins and losses yet. but I think the key thing there is yet. I think we’re on the right path, we have to stay the course and attention to detail and a part of that is that accountability that we’re talking about is the way we get it done.”

Ryan doesn’t feel like players haven’t been accountable but he does think players watching their teammates accept accountability can give a boost of a little something extra that he hopes will translate into some wins.

“No I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that at all. I just think that, especially if it comes from a player sometimes, we just got to get a little bit better and each one of us takes that focus up a notch and there’s the old thing that if you think you’ve done your best, that old raising that hand you can raise it a little bit more,” Ryan said. “Then they say that’s all you got and you go a little extra. I think sometimes that’s it.

“Don’t let that little voice tell you that’s all you got.”


Fullback Tommy Bohanon suffered a broken clavicle and the team will look into signing someone else to fill his spot.

Damon Harrison suffered a minor ankle injury, but according to Ryan he should be fine.

Eric Decker emerged from the game feeling better than he did this time last week.

Calvin Pryor suffered a thigh contusion, but the swelling isn’t nearly as bad as they were expecting and Ryan said Pryor thinks he will be fine to play on Sunday.

The Jets released fourth-round pick Jalen Saunders and signed receiver T.J. Graham, Ryan said the signing was a decision they made separate from David Nelson injuring his ankle.

Ryan said they’ll have wait and see how practice goes this week but he’s “confident” Dee Milliner will play this week.

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