The Rex Ryan Ship is Sinking Fast

After a humiliating 31-0 loss to the Chargers on Sunday the Jets are now 1-4. With a very disappointing start to the season some wonder how much of a leash Rex Ryan will get for the rest of this season.

After another disappointing loss over the weekend the Jets are now in desperation mode and it is starting to show. After the game on Sunday DeMario Davis, the Jets leading tackler on defense, had some harsh words about his team.

From an article written by ESPN Jets reporter Rich Cimini Davis said, "Right now, we're not practicing like a championship football team." He also said, "I don't see a lot of guys putting a lot of effort into film study."

Hearing this from a guy like Davis who is a leader on this Jets team is an indication that Rex Ryan is starting to lose his team. With the Jets starting out 1-4 and the Denver Broncos on the horizon, this season is not turning out the way Ryan and Jets fans had envisioned.

In a separate article written by Cimini, he wrote, Geno Smith and a couple of other offensive players had missed a team meeting the night before the Chargers game. Cimini reported that someone in the organization told him it was an honest mistake and the team took no disciplinary action.

This Jets team is starting to fall apart piece by piece. When you have guys missing meetings and leaders on the team speaking out against their own defense you are entering dangerous territory. Now obviously all of this stems from the Jets just being bad team right now but someone has to take the blame and that guy is Rex Ryan.

After the Chargers game Ryan took full responsibility for the loss saying, “The only individual this game is on is me.” Ryan is taking full responsibility for this team right now and he should. If your team is committing penalties, turning the football over, and are clearly unprepared it falls on he head coach.

Right now the Jets won’t make a coaching change, however if the Jets go into the bye with one win it is hard to make a case for Ryan to keep his job. It is very unusual to make a coaching change midseason but if the Jets get to that point no one could blame Woody Johnson if he made the change. If the Jets are 1-7 heading into the bye week Rex Ryan will no longer be the Jets head coach. Unfortunately the ship is sinking fast in Florham Park and the captain may go down with it.

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