Rex Ryan: Vick looked "pretty good" with the ones

The Jets, who are looking to avoid their first 1-8 start since 2007, have turned to backup quarterback Michael Vick to try and get them back in the win column.

Florham Park N.J. - Vick, who completed approximately 50 percent of his passes in the blowout loss against the Buffalo Bills, took significant first-team reps for the first time this season.

“I think having a chance to workout with the ones and get a chance to get all the reps and create an understanding of the game plan with the quarterback coach and work with the offensive coordinator first hand is always important,” said Vick.

“It just puts you in a position where you have a chance for better success.”

“[He looked] pretty good,” Rex Ryan said of Vick after Wednesday’s practice. “Sometimes you’re putting some new plays in and things like that and sometimes the timing is not perfect by any stretch but I think he looked pretty good.”

While the timing maybe off now, Ryan says a week of first-team reps will help fix the issue.

“I think the timing will be better,” said Ryan. “I think when you’re working with guys you are going to be playing with, that’s an obvious one right there. You’re not throwing to maybe a scout team receiver, you’re throwing to Eric Decker [and] you’re throwing to Percy Harvin.”

Vick said that he utilized his first-team reps to make “corrections.”

“[I] Made some corrections with some of the things that didn’t go as well last week and would like to do better this week. “

One of those corrections is eliminating turnovers. In Sunday’s loss, Vick fumbled four times, losing two of them and threw one interception.

“Absolutely that’s a concern. Yes,” said Ryan regarding Vick’s turnovers. “I’ve talked to Mike about it, it has to get better. We have to improve in that area and he has to improve even though he’s a veteran quarterback.

“We can’t just turn the ball over like that. It’s a challenge to him; it’s a challenge to our coaching staff and everything else. As we found out this is a formula for losing, if we keep turning the ball over the way we’ve done. Clearly we have to get better in that area.”

Vick acknowledged that while reducing his turnovers is a challenge; he has to make the proper adjustments.

“It’s a challenge within itself to control the football and to not turn it over,” Vick said. “It’s something you have to focus in on, you have to be disciplined and that’s where I think it all starts.”

While Vick has struggled with turnovers, in his limited game action, Ryan has seen flashes of the talent Vick showed when he starred for the Eagles and the Falcons.

“He’s got just rare talent,” Ryan said. “He’s got such God-given ability, the way he can run, the way he can throw still, it looks so easy and he’s been blessed that way.”

Ironically, Vick will be making his first start against the coach who gave him his second life in the NFL, Andy Reid.

Reid not only spoke highly of Vick as a player but as a person as well.

“Michael is a good person,” said Reid during his conference call with the media.

“People can question that with all the things that went on but Michael’s got a big heart and he learned some things during that time and that was the important part… he worked to better himself and he also did the same thing on the football field,” said Reid.

Reid had nothing but positive things to say when asked about what kind of football player Vick still is. Reid coached Vick for four years and during what many consider his best season in 2010.

During that year, Vick posted career highs in completion percentage, touchdown passes and quarterback rating. Even at Vick’s advanced age, Reid knows that he is still a dangerous player.

“As a football player, I think you probably know that to0,” said Reid. “I joked [with] our media here that he’s going to be 50-years-old and still be the fastest guy on the field and have the best arm on the field. He’s an amazing guy that way. And you [should] never slight Michael Vick.”

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