The Good Wife

There is nothing more comforting to a professional football player than having their wife come to defend them from the “haters.”

When Eric Decker reached out to the adoring Jets fanbase, tweeting “#jetsnation, tell me why you love the @nyjets using #jetsdiehardfan and i’ll send a signed prize to my favorite.” He was not prepared for what the Jets die-hard fans really had to say.

Decker’s wife, country music star Jessie James Decker, stood up for her husband, taking to Twitter to say, “you think he really cares what y’all think haters? He’s laughing his ass alllll the way home… Life is pretty good here. Can’t complain.” This was before she deactivated her Twitter account post-rant.

The Jets currently have a record of 1-7. Decker is currently the team's receptions leader to go along with 363 yard and 3 touchdowns.

The Jets might want to hire Jessie James Decker to shield the entire team from criticism. I hear Geno and Rex might need your help from the “haters” as well Jessie.

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