Jets Heading Over The Pond

Since the Jets are 1-8 and there is really not much to look forward to this season let’s get an early start on the 2015 season. The NFL announced yesterday that the Jets would be going to London for the NFL’s annul international series next year.

The Jets will be taking on their division rival in the Miami Dolphins which will be the first divisional game since the annul occurrence started in 2007. The players and coaches on the Jets were a little hesitant to express any emotions about going to England next year as they say they are still focused on this season.

“I’ll say the obvious, as long as I’m on that plane, it will be a great trip,” Rex Ryan told the media yesterday. With this news coming so early you can start to see the Jets schedule shape up for next season. With the news we know two things now, one the Jets will be playing in London in week four next season against the Dolphins. The other their bye week will be week five because after a team plays the game in London they are given a bye by the NFL so the team can come back and adjust to the time difference.

An initial question that came out was would the Jets loose a home game because of this? The answer is no. It will be a Dolphins home game so the Jets and their fans will get a full 8 games at home next season. Some question the idea of making teams go all the way to Europe to play one game. They have a valid point however; this league is about one thing, money. As long as the NFL continues to sell out Wembley Stadium they will keep sending teams over their until the NFL gets it’s wish of putting a permanent franchise in London.

Even though this game is a year away it gives Jets fans something to get excited about because this season hasn’t gone the way anyone planned. Jets fans have been let down big time by the organization and have been lashing out because of it. At least with this bit of bright news Jets fans can get out of bed and wonder about what next year might be like.

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