A Season Of What Could Have Been

The New York Jets haven’t had the season the coaching staff, team, or fans had hoped for. The Jets are 2-8 and this season has become a what if or should have done this or that. It’s tough to look back and say they should have done this or that but the team is 2-8 so lets try it out.

The biggest should have or what if is pretty obvious. What if the Jets pulled Geno Smith in favor of Michael Vick earlier in the season? After the Jets impressive win last week over the Steelers this has been the biggest issue fans have been talking about.

So why did it take so long to put Vick in? Well towards the end of last season Smith showed he could be a pretty good quarterback in this league. With a full season of starting under his belt and a full offseason to get more accustomed to Marty Mornhinweg’s offense many thought Smith could and should take the next step.

After the first couple of weeks of the season when the Jets were blowing 17-point leads Smith’s quarterback play was overshadowed by how bad the secondary was. No one really blamed the Jets woes solely on Smith. Then came the Chicago and Detroit games where Smith didn’t play bad. However, he had a chance to win both of those games in the final minutes and he couldn’t come through.

That should have triggered something in the Jets coaching staff. ‘If this guy can’t win games when he has the opportunity late in games maybe we should look a different route.’ But no they stuck with him believing he would figure it out.

Then the blow out in San Diego happened and that should have been the final straw. When Smith was benched in the second half for Vick that should have been it but it wasn’t. Because Vick didn’t play well the Jets coaching staff didn’t think they should make the change but they should have.

At that point the Jets were 1-4 and still had a chance to turn the season around. With Denver and New England on the horizon they should have made the switch to Vick. It's hard to say he would have won those games but when your 1-4 and Smith isn’t doing anything to help the team win games they should have gone in a different direction.

We all saw what Vick can still do and we all see that he brings a spark the Smith didn’t have. If the Jets would have made the switch after the San Diego game this season might have been different. Now maybe I’m an idiot because I’m the same guy who said Smith would throw three touchdowns against the Bills and he threw three picks in the first quarter. So clearly I’m not a fortuneteller but at least I own up when I’m wrong.

The Jets season is over but the team is still playing for pride and jobs next season. It will be very interesting to see how the Jets finish the season. What if the Jets rattle of a couple victories in a row does Rex Ryan keep his job? Does Vick become your starter for next year and beyond? And what about the draft if the Jets do not have a top 5 pick where do they go with that selection? One thing is for sure expect the unexpected with the Jets because that’s the only thing you can count on with this organization.

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