Game Preview Jets (2-8) @ Bills (5-5)

After an impressive win two weeks ago against the Pittsburg Steelers the Jets are coming off their bye and heading up to western New York to take on the Buffalo Bills. With six plus feet of snow blanketing Orchard Park the game time kickoff at 1pm on Sunday is in doubt but the game will be played nonetheless.

A lot of the talk right now is where and when this game will actually be played but the NFL will make a decision by tomorrow. Besides the time and place of the game there are some storylines to look out for on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or whenever they play.

The Bills are coming off a division loss last week to the Dolphins in which they failed to score a touchdown. The Jets are coming off their best game of the season in which they managed to keep Big Ben under wraps. You would expect the Jets to come out and play well since they have had two weeks to prepare and because the Bills haven’t been practicing because of the snowstorm.

Either way it’s a big game for the Bills, as they need this win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Jets on the other hand are playing for pride and the sweet satisfaction of knocking out a division rival from playoff contention. Lets go in a little deeper to this division matchup.

When: *Sunday November 23, 2014 @ 1pm EST. (TV-CBS, Radio ESPN)

Where: *Ralph Wilson Stadium Orchard Park, New York

*Because of the snow in Buffalo the game time and venue could be changed check back later today and tomorrow for more updates on the Jets-Bills game.

Keys to the Game

Vick needs to hold on to the football: When the Jets played the Bills about a month ago they had six turnovers. Three of them came from Michael Vick. Vick has had trouble in his career holding on to the football. Because Vick runs like he does he gets hit a lot, which in turn causes him to fumble, a lot. Vick needs to protect the football if the Jets want to win. They cannot turn the ball over multiple times and expect to win.

Keep the Takeaways Coming: The Jets have the worst turnover differential in the NFL. They also have the fewest takeaways and are on pace to break the record for least amount of takeaways in a season. However, last week the Jets forced four turnovers while they only had three all season. They need to keep that train moving. If the Jets can continue to get takeaways they will have a chance to win every game they play in. But it’s all about making plays and the Jets have few playmakers.

Take Some Shots Down the Field: Two weeks ago Jets fans finally saw what taking shots down the field could do. Michael Vick took a shot and hit T.J. Graham for a 67-yard touchdown. Vick still throws a pretty deep ball and the Jets have the weapons to stretch the field. Marty Mornhinweg needs to dial up more of those play calls this week as the Jets can hit on those plays, which in turn will create touchdowns.


Offensive Line: The Bills have one of the best defensive lines in football and because Vick is somewhat of a fragile quarterback the Jets need to keep him off his back. If the offensive line can give Vick time to drop back and survey the field that helps out a lot especially when Vick wants to tuck it and run.

Jaiquawn Jarrett: Two weeks ago most people didn’t even know who Jarrett was but after two picks, a sack, and a fumble recovery people now know who he is. Jarrett is going to have to play at the same level he did two weeks ago. With the Jets secondary lacking in playmakers Jarrett is the lone bright spot. Jarrett is going to have to bring those ball hawking skills to the game this weekend and try to make some plays as he did against the Steelers.

Rex Ryan: The head coach of the Jets has been taking hits left and right. Between his team being 2-8 and the 100,000-dollar fines he is getting it has been a tough season for Ryan. This week he will have to do a really good job coaching his team and making sure they are ready. Because the game most likely wont be played at 1pm on Sunday or even in Buffalo Ryan will have to adapt to the changes of the game time and venue. This will be interesting to see how his team comes out with all this going on.


With the glooming change of venue and time on the horizon it only helps the Jets. The Jets we prepared for an away game the Bills were not. So if the game does get moved to another location I give advantage Jets. Because of the Snow the Bills haven’t been able to practice every day this week, which will hurt them. I’m taking the Jets in a close one 23-17.

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