Jets Taking Detour To Detroit

Late last night the NFL made the announcement that the Jets-Bills game would be moved to Monday night at 7pm. The NFL also announced the game would be played in a completely different state and both teams would have time to adjust their schedules according to plan.

The Jets will be taking on the Bills at Ford Field in Detroit on Monday night. This isn’t the first time the Lions have offered their stadium up as a fall back option for other teams. Some may remember a couple of years ago when the Metro Dome in Minnesota collapsed the Vikings ended up playing the Giants in Detroit on Monday night.

Even though this will be an adjustment for the Jets this can only be an advantage. Rex Ryan told reporters after practice, “Last time I checked the field is still 100-yards long so we don’t care where we play.” Even though Ryan is playing coy he still believes this gives his team some sort of an edge, “It’s an easy venue for us to be in (as opposed) to Buffalo.”

The Jets get a few more days to prepare for the Bills for one. The other thing is the Bills haven’t practiced since Monday because of the snow also the Bills weren’t expecting to travel at all this week let alone to Michigan. Although this helps the Jets some players aren’t buying it. Chris Johnson told the media after practice, “We can’t worry about that, that is out of our control, we have to worry about ourselves and hopefully it will turn out to be a win.”

The moving of the game indoors gave some of the players on the team mixed feelings. Ryan said after practice that it depends who you ask you might get guys on offense that love not having to wear sleeves and stuff like that. Then you might ask guys on defense and their bummed because they can play in the wind and snow.

Sheldon Richardson said, “I love the snow so it doesn’t matter to me.” Other guys on offense like Johnson said, “We don’t have to worry about the cold weather so it’s a big relief.” But if you ask a linemen like Nick Mangold he had an interesting way of putting it, “The fast surface does not matter I am slow and I am slow.”

As you can see it’s a mixed bag of good and bad but most guys don’t really care they just want to play. Either way this is an advantage to the Jets whether they want to admit it or not. The indoor turf will only help guys like Michael Vick, Percy Harvin, and Johnson. So fans can be excited about this game on Monday night.

For fans interested in watching the game it will be on CBS at 7pm for the local markets. So if you live in the Buffalo or New York/New Jersey area, you can watch the game on CBS at 7. If you don’t live in the area the only way to watch the game is if you have NFL Sunday ticket from DIRECTV. The NFL is hesitant to put the game on CBS nationally because they don’t want to take viewers away from the Saints-Ravens game, which will air on ESPN on Monday night.

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