The day after a 38-3 blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan’s conference call with the media was filled with all the classic Rex-isms we’ve gotten used to over the years but there was one new nugget of information that fans may actually be interested in hearing.

“Kind of hard to believe that we got outplayed the way that we did and out-everything’d,” Ryan said. “I thought going into the game that we had a great game plan, in all phases, and then we don’t execute. But the other thing is it was such a poor performance that it’s hard to watch.”

You’ve all heard some variation of that quote before, much more than the fans care for, and there’s been so many times Ryan has repeated some variation of the following quotes, “We totally got outplayed in all facets of that game,” “Obviously I give credit to Buffalo but we played poorly to say the least,” “We’re obviously going to have to play a heck of a lot better in a hurry if we’re going to compete,” that they have become devoid of any meaning.

Great game plans, poor execution, needing to do a better job yada, yada, yada. Great practices, poor practices, blindly defending poor performances none of it means anything anymore. It falls on only deaf ears at this point. However one new Rex-ism was born today as Ryan eloquently said “we’re running out of tomorrow’s.” Of course he meant for the season but he, almost certainly, only has a little over a month’s worth of tomorrow’s left as the Head Coach of the New York Jets.

Little of what was said in the conference call matters anymore, it’s a rinse, wash and repeat method being applied to these pressers but Ryan did say one thing that might peak the interest of Jets fans as he said we can expect to see many of the young players start to get some playing time.

“That’s a possibility, getting some of the younger guys in. You always try and do that. So, I think when we look at it you may see more of the younger guys get an opportunity,” Ryan said. “Not saying that we’re not trying to win a game because it’s the exact opposite. We’re trying to do whatever we can to win a game but we may give some young guys some opportunities.”

Ryan declined to get specific as to who those players might be saying, “I’m not going to name names but it’ll be pretty obvious as the week goes on.”

Some players to expect to see worked into the rotation, as Ryan did say the changes will be “more rotational stuff” as opposed to replacing starters, (DT) T.J. Barnes, (G) Dakota Dozier, (LB) I.K. Enemkpali, (OL) Dalton Freeman, (T) Ben Ijalana, (LB) Trevor Reilly, (WR) Quincy Enunwa and (S) Rontez Miles.

With the playoffs now officially out of reach it only makes sense to get a look at some of the younger players and see what they have to offer even if Ryan won’t be here to decide on their future with the team.

As for the quarterback situation Ryan declined to name a starter today but said that’s because he wants to tell the quarterbacks the decision before making it public.

“I’ll talk to our two quarterbacks and they’ll be the first to know,” Ryan said. “I think it’s just as simple as we’ll do what’s best for the team.”

Ah yes, “we’ll do what’s best for the team” yet another classic Ryan phrase that, of course, hasn’t really led to very much good for the team.

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