Who Is Really Calling The Shots?

All season long their has been a debate on weather Rex Ryan should leave or stay weather the Jets should fire John Idzik and who the Jets starting quarterback should be. All of these decisions have been touted as “Jet Decisions” but who is really calling the shots in the New York Jets organization?

With the Jets going back to Geno Smith in favor of Michael Vick there has been conflicting reports over the week that Ryan didn’t really get the final say in that decision. Some reported that Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg wanted to go with Vick but upper management shut them down.

With the Jets season officially over, as they are eliminated from playoff contention, more and more decisions have to be made regarding the team. Do the Jets start to play more of the younger guys? Who is your quarterback going forward? What do the Jets do with Rex? What do they do with Idzik?

Now if you were to ask the head coach or the general manager they would give you the same generic answer they have been giving you all season, it’s a “Jets Decision.” On Friday Jets beat reporters were all over Ryan about who made the decision to switch back to Smith. “All I know is that it was a Jets decision to play Geno Smith.” When asked if people in the organization had any disagreements on who should start? “There could be but I know one thing when the decision is made everybody is on board.”

Clearly Ryan is deflecting and doesn’t want to throw anybody under the bus and for a guy who’s on his way out he doesn’t want to ruin is reputation when he has to look for a new job come February. However there is really only one guy who can give you a real answer on all these “decisions” that is Mr. Woody Johnson.

Now say what you want about Idzik or Ryan running the team into the ground but it all starts from the very top. Johnson has the authority to do whatever he wants with this team because he’s the one who is writing the checks. Johnson has the power to change the coach or GM or the punter if he wanted. So before people start pointing the finger at Ryan or Idzik it starts with Johnson.

If Johnson wants to fire Ryan and keep Idzik or vise versa he can do it. If he wants to draft a quarterback in the first round next year he can do it. Whatever Johnson wants to do or not do with this team is entirely up to him because he’s the one paying the bills.

Say what you want about Idzik or Rex but the reason they have all this cap space is because Johnson doesn’t want to spend the money. He has said in the past they want to build through the draft and not over spend on free agents and that’s a smart way to go. But that takes time and as you can see the fans don’t want to wait. Whatever happens this offseason weather is be the draft or free agency if the Jets want to blame someone there really is only one person you can point the finger at and that is Woody Johnson.

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