After yet another heartbreaking loss there’s not much left for Rex Ryan to say but fortunately Ryan isn’t one to shy away from accepting responsibility and blame because that’s about all that he has left to offer.

After the loss last night a dejected Ryan said, “(I) can’t believe we’re 2-10, what a joke.”

Every loss hurts Ryan, anyone who has ever watched one of his postgame press conferences can tell you that, but this season has been especially brutal for Ryan to deal with. The pain is real and you can see it cloaked over his face and feel it dripping from his words.

Ryan continues to talk about focusing on the next game, giving it every thing they got and about how there’s no quit in him and his team and no one has any reason to doubt any of that. But his words and the subdued nature to which he speaks those words suggest he knows he only has four games left until he is no longer the Head Coach of the New York Jets.

Is there any way Ryan could envision a scenario where he would remain with the Jets next year?

“(Stammers) You know, it’s easy for me to pick. To say ‘yeah, absolutely.’ But I get it,” a defeated Ryan said. “The year hasn’t gone anywhere close to what we we’re thinking but I’m going to focus on beating Minnesota. I’m not worried about anything else but that, so that’s where it is.”

Ryan is boastful by nature and takes great pride in his football acumen so how can he possibly feel anything other than embarrassment right now? The obvious answer is he can’t and when a reporter asked point blank if he felt embarrassed by the way the season has gone Ryan stayed true to his nature and admitted as much.

“Yeah, no question. Yup, absolutely 100 percent,” Ryan said. “I’m embarrassed for myself, absolutely, it’s definitely embarrassing to me. I feel like I let my owner down, I’ve let our fan base down so yeah, of course, there’s no doubt.”

Ryan knows how angry the fan base is right now and as much as he understands it it pains him that he was at the head of the team that has caused all this anger. Ryan is as entertaining as any personality to ever coach in the National Football League and for a little while he was a damn good head coach who produced results.

But those days are gone, at least for him with the Jets, and he is all to aware of this fact.

Still Ryan was able to get off one more classic Ryan joke that serves as a reminder for reporters that while a change most certainly has to be made we will never see anyone nearly as entertaining as him as the Head Coach of the New York Jets again.

When Ryan was asked if he learned anything about Geno Smith last night, Ryan read the coverage perfectly and went straight to his hot-read by making a joke and simultaneously trying to debunk another wacky media conspiracy theory.

“Well no, he only threw 13 passes… No, I’m just kidding,” Ryan joked. “I know you guys don’t see the humor in it, but me? I do because you guys seem to think that the game plan was for us to just throw 13 passes. That wasn’t the game plan, the game plan was to try to establish the run. And when you have that type of success running that helps your football team and that’s why we stayed the course.”


Nick Folk complained about pain in his hip after the game. The injury is being classified as a hip flexor and the team will have more information on the injury later in the week. Ryan was not sure of what caused the injury or when it happened but it would certainly explain Folk’s uncharacteristically off night.

Greg Salas suffered a hamstring injury on the end-around touchdown run, Ryan initially called it a tear before saying he’s not sure that it’s a tear but “it doesn’t look good.”

Muhammad Wilkerson is doing better and is out of the walking boot but Ryan isn’t sure about his status for the upcoming game.

Jace Amaro is still going through the concussion protocol.

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