Who Is The Jets Coach In 2015?

With the 2014 season winding down and the Jets almost in a lock to get a top five draft pick, next season is all fans can look forward to. But who will be calling the shots next year for the green and white?

The Jets will end up having their worst record under Rex Ryan by seasons end. Combine that with the reports of him and upper management disagreeing on who should start the writing is on the wall for Ryan to exit. It has been an eventful six years with Ryan at the helm of the Jets but with all that has surrounded him this season the Jets only move is to fire him and move on.

If the Jets do decide to give Ryan his pink slip who will take over for the Jets next season? There are a couple of options for the Jets. The criteria for the new coach should be very simple. One, should have had head coaching experience before (weather in college or pro’s.) Two, should be an offensive minded coach because we all know what happens when you hire a defensive coach. And three must be a proven winner. Those three things are pretty simple guidelines to follow when John Idzik, if he’s still here, looks for a new coach next season.

So here are some names to look out for.

Jim Harbaugh: Harbaugh will be the first name that you hear next year when the Jets are looking for a head coach. He has all three qualities that the Jets organization should be looking for. He is a head coach with an offensive background that has won games in the NFL. If you look at it from afar then this should be a slam dunk right? Wrong, there are some issues with going this route. First off if the Jets want him they would have to trade for him, which I don’t think the Jets are willing to do. The other thing is he has a reputation of disagreeing with upper management so I don’t think Idzik will want to bring in a guy that is going to ruffle his feathers. There is also been reports that he doesn’t want to move from California. Also factor in that the University of Michigan wants him really bad and will be willing to pay him whatever he wants. I just don’t see this happening but you never know.

Gus Malzahn: Malzahn is the head coach of the Auburn Tigers if you didn’t know. He has head coaching experience, is a winner, and has an offensive mind. This could be a good fit for the Jets. Malzahn is one of the best offensive minds in football and is a guy that can develop a quarterback. With his up-tempo offense Auburn has become one of the best offenses in college football. His offense is 11th in the country in rushing with 258.5 yards per game this season. If he could bring that kind of production to the Jets where they have a tremendous running game already, it could be a good fit.

Art Briles: Briles is the head coach of the Baylor Bears and has his team on the cusp of the college playoff. Briles meets all three requirements and is an offensive master mid. His up-tempo offense has been compared to the likes of Chip Kelly who is doing a pretty good job with the Eagles. His offense this season is first in the country in points per game with 49.8 and is 6th in passing offense with 340.2 yards per game. Briles has had a lot of success over his six years at Baylor. Don’t forget he was Robert Griffin III coach when he won the Heisman Trophy. Briles is another one of those new school up-tempo coaches who likes to put up points and the Jets need that type of coach.

One thing is almost certain the Jets will look a lot different next season. Ryan has been great over his six years with the Jets but it is time to move on. His style just isn’t working anymore and if the Jets want to win games and not headlines then they need to make a change. Harbaugh, Malzahn, and Briles are three guys that should be on the Jets radar this offseason.

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