Jets Lose Another Heartbreaker

It looked pretty good as the Jets went into overtime with the Vikings tied at 24 a piece on Sunday. But a missed tackle from Jaiquwan Jarrett on the Vikings own 14-yard line turned into a game ending 87-yard catch by Jarius Wright.

The Jets played from behind most of the game and that started right from the get go. On the first play of the game Geno Smith threw a pick six and the Jets were down 7-0 before they even knew what was going on. But to Smith’s credit he came back from that and played a tremendous game.

Smith finished with 254 yards passing with one touchdown and a quarterback rating of 87.4. It is tough to blame the offense for this game because they showed up and played their hearts out with over 400 yards of total offense. However they went 0-5 in the red zone, which has been an issue all season.

The only member of the defense that played well for the Jets was Sheldon Richardson. Richardson finished with seven tackles, three sacks, four quarterback hits and forced a safety. Everyone else on the defense had a bad day. The corner backs were probably the worst. They let rookie Teddy Bridgewater throw for 309 yards and two touchdowns. Adding to the misery of the Jets secondary woes they had a chance to stop the Vikings inside their own 20-yard line on their first possession of overtime. But, Jarrett missed a tackle and Wright took it the distance.

“That game is clearly on my shoulders. We came here to win not to play it close and that game is on my shoulders.” Rex Ryan told the media after the game. Ryan who didn’t show the normal emotion he usually has in post game press conferences looked and sounded like a guy who knows it is really over. “It’s been that kind of year for us, we miss an opportunity to make a play, I’ll tell woody our fans and everybody else this one is on me.”

As for the rest of the team there were a lot of guys who played had really good performances. Eric Decker finished with six catches for 89 yards. Percy Harvin, who left the game in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury, finished with six catches for 124 yards and a touchdown. But he didn’t play in overtime and that hurt the Jets offense. Smith said after the game, “Percy is a dynamic player its tough to see him go down.”

Eric Decker also spoke to the media after the game and told reporters “Tough to lose a game that way. All I can say is we have to keep grinding. But you can’t question the fight in this team.” Clearly the Jets aren’t quitting but it has been the same issues all season long. The Jets can’t stop the opposing offense and get off the field on third down and cant score when the offense is inside the red zone.

This loss is yet another where the Jets were so close but couldn’t come away with the win. Smith tried to put the season into perspective when he told the media, “Looking back on the season we have been in this situation many times and it’s hard to keep losing this way.” With this loss the Jets fall to 2-11 and are on their way to a top five draft pick.

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