FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Since Muhammad Wilkerson inured his toe fans have been calling for the talented defensive end to be shut down for the season. At 2-11 and nothing left to play, for other than draft position, it certainly doesn’t seem worth the risk to play Wilkerson but apparently the Jets don’t feel the same as the fans.

Normally teams would be wise to ignore advice from fans but on this topic the fans certainly have a strong case. Turf toe is a historically nagging injury that tends to linger and even with an offseason of rest just a few weeks away it doesn’t make much sense to risk aggravating the injury further and having the injury follow Wilkerson into the offseason.

But Wilkerson is a competitor and he wants to go out with his teammates and fight. The record is irrelevant in his eyes, if he can play he wants to play and help his teammates get a win to send their coach, Rex Ryan, out on not a high note but a less low note at least.

“I want to be out there. I mean I’m a competitor. I love this game of football, that Miami game was tough and then the away game, I’m not even there, and that was even more rough for me to watch my brothers play without me,” Wilkerson said. “I’m itching to get back out there, no matter what the record is. People say I should shut it down but that’s not the competitive spirit in me. I want to be out there with my teammates no matter what our record is.”

Wilkerson had a special shoe custom made to help him play with his injury. It’s purpose is to help players play through turf toe injuries but beyond that Wilkerson isn’t too sure about what makes the shoe so special.

“It’s helping out. It’s different, I’ve never worn the shoe before so it feels a little different obviously. But that’s just something that I got to get used to,” Wilkerson said. “Honestly I don’t know. I just know it’s a special shoe for turf toe or if you have a foot injury. I’m not familiar with it.”

Ryan placed the odds on Wilkerson playing this week at 50/50 but he did it in somewhat of a joking matter. Basically he was saying he has no idea right now and Wilkerson just echoed his coach’s comments.

“I guess that might be it. I got to talk to the trainers, I got to talk to Rex,” Wilkerson said. “We’ll talk later on in the week, in the next couple of days, and see where we go from there.”

Chances are Wilkerson probably won’t play this week, the team will likely take a very cautious approach, but he and the trainers are working very hard to get him back on the field this year despite the wishes of the fans.


Yesterday Percy Harvin expressed confidence that he’d be able to play this week but his coach isn’t so optimistic for this week but he is extremely certain we will see Harvin on the field again this year.

“The way he is, I’d be shocked (if he missed the rest of the year). I think we’ll see Percy again before the season is over,” Ryan said. “Will we see him this week? I’m not sure but the way he’s trying to get back on the field I’d say we’re going to see him. He wants to play, I know he likes playing here (and) he’s been absolutely terrific. Again ask his teammates what they think about him I think, I don’t know if you guys would be shocked, I’m not shocked by it but maybe people outside this building will be shocked by it. ”

Jace Amaro is finally out of the concussion protocol and is expected to play this week.

Antonio Allen wasn’t able to practice and likely will miss Sunday’s game with his hand injury.

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