Lose Out And Get A Franchise QB

The Jets, at 2-11 are abysmal. It is pretty safe to say they will have at least a top five pick in next year’s NFL Draft. But who do they take? Well depending on where the Jets end up they could have their pick of whomever they want.

If the Jets lose this week to the Titans, they will have a great opportunity to draft one of the top two quarterbacks in next year’s draft. Those two quarterbacks are Marcus Mariota, who will most likely win the Heisman Trophy this weekend, and the guy who has yet to lose a game in college and that is Jameis Winston.

Both guys are deserving of being top picks in the draft but it really comes down do whom do you think will make a better pro. Lets look at the numbers and shed some light on the situation.

Marcus Mariota: Oregon Ducks, 2014 Maxwell Award Winner, 2014 Walter Camp Award Winner, and 2014 Davey O’Brien Award Winner. In the 2014 regular season Mariota lead all FBS quarterbacks with a 91.9 total QBR.

In three seasons as the Ducks starting quarterback Mariota has thrown for over 10,000 yards, 101 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions. Twelve interceptions in three years is pretty astonishing. All signs point to Mariota winning the Heisman this year and rightly so, he has been the best college football player this season hands down. However will that make him the best pro? Not necessarily.

The knock on Mariota is that he doesn’t play in a traditional pro-style offense and it could take some time for him to adjust to an NFL playbook, which turns him into a 3-5 year project. Others say his stats won’t translate to the NFL because of the type of offense he is in. All of these are very valid points, which is why I would be weary about taking him number one overall.

The other top quarterback in the draft is Jameis Winston. Lets take a look at some of his numbers.

Jameis Winston: Florida Sate Seminoles, 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner, 2013 Walter Camp Award Winner, 2013 Davey O’Brien Award Winner, 2013 National Champion.

Winston has the hardware including a national title but with him it’s more than that. Winston has never lost a game in college and he has that killer instinct you want in a quarterback. Winston also comes from a pro-style offense, which would make it easier for him to translate to the NFL. So we know one thing is for sure the kid can play and he can win.

The issue has always been the same with Winston, will he cause trouble off the field. Is Winston mature enough to become a professional athlete? The answer is still to be determined and that’s a question a lot of NFL general managers need to answer before investing in a guy like Winston.

Either way you slice it the Jets will have a lot of time to make the decision of who to draft, as the NFL draft is not until April. However if the Jets lose out they could be handed the number one overall pick next year where all eyes will be on them to draft a game changer. But if the Jets want one of those quarterbacks they need to jump in front of at least either Tennessee or Tampa Bay. So the road to the 2015 NFL Draft starts this Sunday at 4 p.m.

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