Players never like to see other players get hurt, whether teammates or opponents, but it’s still rare to see both teams converge around a hurt player to offer their support. Nick Mangold is exactly the type of rare person and player that commands that respect as both Jet and Patriots players gathered around him to show their respect.

Last week Mangold was already on the sidelines with his helmet off when Jurrell Casey punched Geno Smith but that didn’t stop Mangold from immediately rushing back onto the field, sans helmet, to protect his quarterback. It’s simple things like that combined with his toughness and high level of play over so many years that sends opponents to huddle around him after he goes down screaming in agony.

From his time with the Jets Darrelle Revis knows all this first hand and while there is obviously no love lost between Revis and the Jets organization Revis still has plenty of love and respect for Mangold.

“It was very tough. You saw the crowd of players on both teams around him and that’s because everyone has a lot of respect for Nick and what he has done in this league. We are former teammates and it was devastating to see him go down,” Revis said. “He was grabbing his leg and screaming so you knew it was serious. You don’t want that to happen to a guy like him, he has great character and I know him personally. My heart goes out to his family.”

Revis was hardly the only Patriot player to offer his support to Mangold, sure the fact that they were teammates made it easier for Revis to cross enemy lines to show respect, but career-long rivals like Vince Wilfork joined in as well.

“Vince and I, we’ve been playing against each other (for a long time), it goes back to college when we played against each other. We’ve had great battles,” Mangold said. “I have the utmost respect for that guy. He said the same thing as I was being carted off the field. As a player, I’m very appreciative when a guy that you’ve gone against 20-something times show you that kind of respect.”

Mangold had to be carted off the field and that cart is never a good sign. Neither is hearing someone as tough as Mangold was “screaming” in pain but it appears Mangold lucked out and avoided a serious injury as X-rays on his ankle came back negative. More testing will be done today but in typical Mangold fashion he is hoping to be ready to play next week in Miami.

When asked if his season was over Mangold said “No. We have one more game. We’re going to go out there and try to get that win. We’ll find out (if I can play). I would only expect so.”


Mangold did indeed avoid a break or a fracture in his ankle Rex Ryan confirmed on a conference call with reporters.

“Nick had, they looked at it and it’s obviously a bad sprain,” Ryan said. “A sprained ankle but it’s not a broken ankle so that’s a good thing. And then with Percy, it’s the same about Percy. I don’t know the extent (to the injury to his ribs) but obviously he’s extremely sore. But one thing I know about both those players is, if they can play they are going to play.”

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