Florham Park, NJ - After months of speculation Woody Johnson finally made it official this morning when he let both John Idzik and Rex Ryan know they were relieved of their duties with the New York Jets.

Ryan gave the Jets six incredibly entertaining years but the fact that only two of those years produced winning records, his first two with the back-to-back AFC Championship runs, and the team has missed the playoffs four years in a row sealed his fate.

There are strong arguments on both sides of the fence when it comes to Ryan, yes the talent on his team depleted after his first two seasons and he never had a reliable quarterback to work with. But there were other faults (penalties, misuse of timeouts and despite his defensive prowess too many defensive lapses at just the wrong time) that were constantly on display throughout his six year tenure that never got fixed.

The players obviously love Ryan and played hard for him but just as fans shouldn’t make decisions neither should players. Ryan poured his heart and soul into this team each and every week, he brought a confidence and swagger to this organization and he constantly provided reporters with absolute gems for quotes and barrels of laughter. But while those things should be appreciated none of them are good enough reasons to keep him here. It’s time for Ryan and the Jets to part ways and Johnson has now officially done that.

Most of the focus and attention right now is, understandably, on Ryan. He’s the gregarious and fun loving, highly entertaining character, unlike the standard NFL coach, but Idzik being let go after only two seasons is deserving of it’s own headline. NFL GMs need more than two years to be evaluated, you don’t fire a chef halfway through cooking a meal you have to let him cook, but Johnson obviously didn’t have the patience to see if Idzik’s three-four year plan would work out.

Idzik was far from perfect and made his share of mistakes, as all GMs do, and his debacle of a midseason press conference certainly didn’t help his case and while that didn’t directly impact Johnson’s decision it could have indirectly sealed his fate. If not for that presser would the fan backlash against Idzik have been so strong? And if the fan backlash wasn’t so strong would Johnson have been so reactionary in his decision to fire Idzik?

Of course none of this matters anymore, all the speculating as to why or how any of these decisions were made are now moot. All that matters is the decisions were made and the Jets as an organization have to move on and prepare for the future.

Johnson will now rely on Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf to help him find the “right” man for the GM job and that decision will lead to the hiring of a new coach.

Johnson is scheduled to speak to the media at 11:30 today and JetsInsider.com will provide updates afterwards. The press conference will also stream live on the Jets team website.

We will also keep you up to date with any rumors and speculation having to do with the GM and coaching hires and in the next few days will be providing a list of potential candidates.

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