With one tweet the New York Jets made official what everyone knew was coming since the weekend, Mike Maccagnan is now the Jets new general manager.

News broke over the weekend that Maccagnan was going to get the job but the Jets waited until dinner time today to make it official by announcing the decision on Twitter. Now they just have to decide on a head coach and fill out the rest of the coaching staff.

Woody Johnson and consultants Ron Wolf and Charlie Casserly conducted an exhaustive search with multiple candidates before zeroing in on Maccagnan, bringing him in for a second interview and not letting him leave until they reached an agreement. Johnson was involved with every interview, for every candidate, and the interviews were all around three hours long but in the end the Jets really felt best about the plan Maccagnan presented them. Johnson, Wolf and Casserly led the interviews and president Neil Glat only got involved when the conversation turned to the business side of things.

“We interviewed a number of impressive, qualified candidates, but Mike Maccagnan clearly stood out,” Johnson said. “Mike’s attention to detail. strong personnel background, and collaborative approach to evaluating players made it clear that he is the right choice to be the next general manager of the New York Jets.”

Maccagnan spent the past 14 years working in the Houston Texans scouting department. First hired, by Casserly, in 2000 as the coordinator of college scouting before being promoted to assistant director of college scouting in 2010 and director of college scouting in 2011. Now Maccagnan will be the one turning in the draft cards instead of simply making recommendations.

“In my line of work having the chance to serve as a general manager is what you work towards your entire career,” Maccagnan said. “Having a supportive owner who is passionate and committed to delivering a winning team to the fans is one of the keys to building a successful organization. I have enjoyed getting to know Mr. Johnson during the interview process and am grateful for this opportunity.”

Of course with this new honor Maccagnan now takes on the responsibility of being the general manager of the New York Jets and will be responsible for trades and free agent signings as well as draft selections. Maccagnan and the new head coach, whoever that ends up being, will both report to Johnson and they will both have equal say. Maccagnan will decide the 53-man roster and the head coach will decide who plays.

“We have a solid foundation of players and a state-of-the-art facility in one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of America,” Maccagnan said. “As with all teams, there are some areas we need to address, but we’re going to hire the right head coach, evaluate our personnel, and work together to build a football operation to get the New York Jets back on the winning track.”

Congratulations on getting your dream job Mr. Maccagnan, now it’s time to get to work.

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