In what will surely be music to Jets fans ears it appears that new general manager Mike Maccagnan will not only bring his own scouting/player personnel experience to the front office but he will also clean house in the scouting department.

Yesterday Newsday’s Bob Glauber reported “My understanding is Jets GM Mike Maccagnan will make major changes in the scouting department. Terry Broadway and Jeff Bauer not expected to stay.”

This isn’t exactly a shocking development, with Woody Johnson putting a clear emphasis on rebuilding the entire football operations from scratch and focusing on scouting/personnel guys it is only logical that he would allow Maccagnan to completely overhaul the entire scouting department. Of course the concern among Jets fans is that Johnson doesn’t always operate in such a logical fashion which is why the man dubbed “Teflon Terry” was still employed by the Jets.

But it appears that “Teflon Terry’s” days here are numbered. He and the rest of the scouting staff may very well stay on until after this year’s draft, scouting departments changes almost always come after the draft because it’s too late in the draft process to clean house.

There is no word yet on who Maccagnan will bring in as replacements and there likely won’t be much confirmation on this front until after the draft but just as important as the new GM and coaching staff is to rebuilding the Jets will be the sweeping changes in the scouting/personnel departments.

Johnson certainly hasn’t always instilled the greatest confidence in this fan base, and for good reason, but with the way he handled the coach and GM search, and appears willing to let the football men make the football decisions, certainly has to be a positive sign for Jets fans.

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