Mike Maccagnan has only been the Jets GM for a few days but he’s already made a move that will endear him to the segment of Jets fans who actually know the names of the team’s top scouts. Most NFL fans don’t know the names running the scouting department but over the years the names Jeff Bauer and, especially, Terry Broadway loosely translate to ‘bad drafts’ in the mind’s of most Jets fans.

Today Maccagnan fired both Broadway, the senior director of college scouting, and Jeff Bauer, the director of college scouting.

“Today, I informed Terry and Jeff that the organization will be moving forward without them,” Maccagnan said. “They have made valuable contributions to the New York Jets for more than a decade and we wish them both success in the future.”

Normally scouts don’t get fired this time of year, firings usually happen after the draft since we are already so late in the draft process, but Maccagnan already had his own people in mind to bring in to run the scouting staff and he wanted to be fair to Broadway and Bauer and make the move immediately.

Ex-Jaguars GM Gene Smith has been mentioned in numerous reports to join Maccagnan in a front office role. According to a source it’s still unclear if Smith will join the Jets but if he does it will not be in either of the roles formerly filled by Broadway or Bauer.

Bradway spent 14 years with the Jets, including five years as the Jets GM before being reassigned (otherwise known as demoted) back to the scouting department. Bauer had been in the Jets scouting department for the past 13 years. Both men managed to survive the firing of Mike Tannenbaum but neither of them were able to survive Maccagnan.

Woody Johnson allowing this move shows that he has grown to understand that while former GM John Idzik was right to talk about “building through the draft” and “using the draft as our lifeline” the scouting department is the lifeline of the draft and if they aren’t getting the job done then it’s time to bring in people who can.

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