The 2015 NFL combine festivities have begun and the Jets new general manager and coach talked to the media assembled in Indianapolis. Both Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan addressed a myriad of issues but we’ll start with their thoughts on addressing free agency and Maccagnan’s disdain of timetables.

“I don’t like timetables. I think that always sets a bad precedence but I do think there are some good players on this team,” Mike Maccagnan said. “There are good players on this team. Our, basically, task is to increase the talent overall on the team, whether it’s in pro free agency or through the draft, but I don’t really want to get into kind of timetables because I think that’s really subjective and again at this point in time we got a lot of work to do before, with the draft and with free agency and stuff like that still has to play itself out.”

Maccagnan once again said the Jets will be active in free agency and expects to dip into the high tier of the free agent class, the middle and lower tier. How much the Jets dip into each of those tiers remains to be seen but Maccagnan will be very active and he’ll certainly have the money to do that.

“The big thing for us, we have a lot of cap space, and our thing is if we basically maximize the return from the opportunity cost on that cap space,” Maccagnan said. “Now however that plays itself out over time that’s what we’re in the process of working through and really as that develops it gets more into when you start figuring out what tier type guys you want to invest in. Some of those guys might not view us as the first team they want to go visit but I’m sure they will be, I imagine projecting forward, they’ll be players that fall into that category.”

One player the Jets will have to make a decision on is David Harris and Maccagnan said they are very much interested in Harris returning but the price will have to be right.

“We think David Harris is a very good football player, I think he’s had an excellent career with the Jets,” Maccagnan said. “I think we would very much like to keep David in the mix, again it’s free agency so we still have to have a meeting between us, the agent and the player about where that value is but I would say David is a player that we would very much like to get in the mix.”

Another player the Jets will have to decide if they want to keep is Percy Harvin. As with Harris Maccagnan said they’ll have to sit down with Harvin and his agent and see if they can come to some sort of common ground on the contract.

“That’s a process we’re working through, we’re going to talk to his agent and obviously with Percy,” Maccagnan said. “We do think Percy is a very good player but that is still a process that we’re working through right now.”

Bowles basically had the same exact response about Harvin saying, “We’re still evaluating that process. Percy is a great talent, obviously. Without talking to him or trying to address things in the media, we try to handle that on our own and with respect to him and with respect to our ball club.”

There has also been speculation that the Jets would try and sit down with Muhammad Wilkerson and his agent at the combine to talk about an extension but Maccagnan wouldn’t get into specifics about when that meeting might take place. Instead opting to play the anti-timetable card.

“Well I don’t want to put a timetable on that, I think that’s something that on our list of things to do,” Maccagnan said. “But I would say simply, obviously Todd (Bowles) and I have just got onboard, we haven’t really worked with Muhammad previously. So, it’s something that we’re going to go through the process of evaluating and see how we go going forward. I would definitely say Muhammad is a player we like and we’ll just see how this process unfolds.”

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