Draft Day Conundrum- QB

Each week leading up to the NFL draft I will be taking a look at each position that the Jets could and should go after starting on day one of the draft. This week I will look at the most crucial position in the NFL, quarterback.

With the Jets owning the 6th pick in the draft they could potentially take a quarterback at that sport or go elsewhere if they do not like what is sitting on the board. However, here are all the quarterbacks the Jets could draft anywhere between rounds 1-7.

Jamies Winston - Florida State - 6’4”, 231 Pounds, 9 3/8” Hands.

Combine Results: 4.97 40-yard dash, 28.5” Vertical.

NFL comparison: Ben Roethlisberger

Possible Draft Position: 1st round pick 6

Winston is probably one of the biggest risk/reward players in this year’s draft. No one denies Winston can flat out play. However, he does have character issues. While at FSU, Winston won a national title and a Heisman Trophy. Winston also was also accused of sexual harassment, allegedly stole crab legs, and was suspended a game this season for shouting out profanities in a cafeteria. So it is safe to say he has some growing up to do. But if you look at his talent and the way he plays the quarterback position he should be the number one player taken in this draft. If you looked at his tape from this past season Winston has all the tools you need in the NFL good size, good arm, can escape the pocket and throws a good deep ball. He also has that killer instinct that you need in the NFL as a quarterback. Overall Winston will most likely not be there when the Jets pick at six but if he is the Jets have to take him.

Marcus Mariota - Oregon- 6’4”, 222 Pounds, 9 7/8” Hands

Combine Results: 4.52 40-yard dash, 36” Vertical.

NFL Comparison: Ryan Tannehill

Possible Draft Position: 1st round pick 6

Mariota has all the intangibles to be a good quarterback in the NFL. He is smart, has a good arm, and can run. The issue that most people and I have with Mariota is that can he translate to the NFL? The answer is maybe. If the Jets, or whatever team takes him, are willing to take the time to develop him he could become a good quarterback because he has all the tools. The thing that scares me the most is that he hasn’t huddled since high school. I know you are saying to yourself really that’s it? The answer is yes. When you have to call a play that goes something like: flip right double-X jet 36 counter naked waggle seven X quarter, that can get really complicated and is a mouth full. Mariota is a great guy on and off the field so it is easy to sell the fans and the league on him being the face of your franchise it is just hard to say if he will be able to translate into the NFL.

Bryce Petty - Baylor- 6’3”, 230 Pounds, 10” Hands

Combine Results: 4.87 40-yard dash, 34” Vertical

NFL Comparison: Austin Davis

Possible Draft Position 4th round pick 101

Petty is probably the third best quarterback in this draft he has the size and arm to play in the NFL but he just doesn’t stand out like Mariota and Winston do. He has decent speed and can escape the pocket however he is another guy who might be a product of the system. At Baylor he flourished under Art Briles’ spread system and the question with him is can he translate to the NFL. Petty is a guy who won’t be drafted early so if the Jets decide to take him he can sit and learn for a year or two, which he needs. Petty is intriguing because he does have all the intangibles that a quarterback needs to have he is smart, tough, and a competitor and that’s all you can ask for in this league.

Brett Hundley - UCLA- 6’3”, 226 Pounds, 10 ½” Hands

Combine Results: 4.63 40-yard dash, 36” Vertical

NFL Comparison: Jake Locker

Possible Draft Position 5th round pick 134

Hundley has good speed and can get out of the pocket well. Also he does well with play action passes and is tough as nails he will fight for every yard. The issue with Hundley is he doesn’t stay in the pocket. He runs through his progression to fast and tucks it. Hundley is an interesting prospect because of his raw ability and speed. Hundley could become a decent starter in the NFL if he works at it and if a team is willing to work with him.

Sean Mannion- Oregon State- 6’6”, 229 Pounds, 9” Hands

Combine Results: 5.14 40-yard dash, 31” Vertical

NFL Comparison: Ryan Mallet

Possible Draft Position 6th round pick 165

Mannion is one of the biggest quarterbacks coming out in this year’s draft. His upside is that he played in a pro-style offense at Oregon State and is used to taking three, five, and seven step drops. Mannion can also throw the ball downfield and has pretty good touch on the ball. The downside on him is he is not very athletic and cannot extend plays with his feet. Mannion was also a bit turnover prone in college. If the Jets haven’t selected a quarterback by round six Mannion could be there for the taking if you they are willing to let him develop.

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