Two years ago Woody Johnson had had enough of the constant renegotiating with Darrelle Revis, and his agents, to the point of telling prospective GM candidates that their first order of business was going to be to trade Revis. Now, after Revis spent a year in Tampa Bay and a year with the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, Johnson is sending out signals that he wants to get Revis back.

This situation feels very much like when you break up with your significant other, not realizing the full impact of how good that significant other really was for you until you see them with a better looking and more successful partner. Now all of a sudden all you remember is the good times and you start dreaming about ways to win them back.

Two years ago Johnson hired John Idzik as his GM, who in turn traded Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, now Idzik is back to dealing with numbers only in Jacksonville and Johnson is making it seem like he never actually wanted to let Revis go in the first place.

If Revis is still on the Patriots roster on March 9 the Patriots will have to pay him a salary of $20 million for this upcoming season. This will not happen, the Patriots will either release him and let him hit the open market or they will agree to a contract extension which would bring his cap number down for the upcoming season. If Revis becomes available for all teams to bid on the battle for the right to pay Revis the highest salary for a cornerback will be rather fierce and according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News Johnson is determined to enter that fight.

There’s no denying that the Jets could use Revis’ services, hell every team in the league could use the best cornerback alive, but does Johnson really want him back or is he just trying to give the appearance he does to appease the fan base. When Revis was in Tampa Bay no one cared, the Jets got Sheldon Richardson out of the deal, the Buccaneers aren’t a rival and they were/are a long way away from competing for a championship. But all that changed when the Buccaneers shook up their front-office and decided not to keep Revis. It became impossible to remain indifferent when Revis went to the Jets arch-nemesis Patriots and won a Super Bowl.

Now the decision to let Revis go seems much worse, not just because the Jets cornerback situation has been so awful since Revis’ departure but also because he was an intregal part in helping the hated Patriots win yet another Super Bowl.

It makes perfect sense that Johnson would rethink the strategy that led to this but would he really admit absolute fault and try and win Revis back? If Johnson really does want him back is he willing to be the highest bidder? Because if he’s not then this is clearly just a ploy to the fan base to try and absolve himself of his sins.

When the Buccaneers gave Revis a $16 million salary it topped out the cornerback market, the numbers for corners have since come down. Revis settled for $12 million per with the Patriots, which would have been more than $12 million but less than $16 million not only because the market on corners went through a bit of a self-correction but also because Revis was coming off the worst season, partly because of the ACL surgery and partly because they had him playing mostly zone coverage, of his professional career.

To get Revis now someone is going to have to offer more than a $12 million salary, probably something closer to $14 million, and he’ll most likely be looking for additional years and a whole bunch of guaranteed money after two straight one-year deals.

Johnson keeps saying he would like Revis back but if Revis hits the open market on March 10 we will see just how much he wants him or if he’s just trying to appease the fans.

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