The New York Jets have officially announced that season ticket prices for the 2015 season will remain the same as the 2014 season. Season ticket holders can expect to start receiving emails, and boring old regular mail, later this week.

“The New York Jets have announced today that ticket prices will remain flat for season ticket holders attending games at MetLife Stadium for the 2015 season,” The Jets announced today . “Details of the renewal package for season ticket holders for the upcoming season will be available via email on Wednesday and in first-class mailings being sent out later this week.”

Also the Jets announced that they will be expanding the “variable pricing” to include season tickets.

“The Jets in 2015 will expand variable pricing to include season tickets. Variable pricing assigns different prices to individual games to better reflect the value and expected demand for each game. For example, preseason games will be in the lowest price category, marquee matchups will be in the highest category, and other games will fall in between. The total price for season tickets, however, will remain the same. More details on variable pricing will be available after the NFL announces the full playing schedule.”

The Jets will also be expanding their Rewards plan for season ticket holders. For more information on the Rewards program go to If you still have points from the 2014 season go to that page soon because all 2014 season points expire on July 31, 2015.

For season ticket holders that are interested in going to London to see the Jets play the Dolphins the Jets suggest contacting your Jets Representative as they “will try and accommodate your request.” Just know that because the Jets are the away team “very limited tickets will be available.” Non season ticket holders will still have to wait until the tickets go on sale to the general public but of course those available tickets will likely be even more limited.

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